Monday, November 30, 2009

Books, books and more books.

To say that i love to read is an understatement. Especially when it has to do with my hobbies. I have over the years collected many books related to my hobbies and interest. So it was a very exciting day last Saturday when i met up with Alvin over at Glued My Fingers to collect my orders.

I got : 1 Gaunts Ghost Omnibus, The Saint,
1 How to paint Citadel Miniatures,
1 Planetstrike,
1 Cities of Death.

I'm was at odds over which one to read first but finally went with the painting guidebook. I should be done with it by today then its on with Commissar Gaunt.

I went to Alvin's with Rizal(the former Ultramarine 5th Co. Capt) at around 6pm if i'm not mistaken. We were among the first ones there according to Alvin. would not believe the sight!!! 40K stuffs everywhere!!! All you guys who got stuffs from Alvin should be ashamed of yourself. This isn't an arms race you know heheh LOL.

The 25% discounted price was too good to pass and many of you guys took full advantage of this one time deal. I'm only hoping that Alvin insisted on cash up front first. I'm sure he did, smart guy that he is. Anyways, i know pretty much what most of you guys got and already i'm looking forward to seeing them built, painted and causing mayhem. There were orders from guys i haven't the pleasure of meeting yet so it'd be nice if Alvin could point them in Legio's way. The more the merrier they say.

Not wanting to leave without spending some cash i finally decided to buy a box of Citadel Washes box set. All 8 washes for the price of ...........RM65 only!!! Is that the bargain of the month/year or what?? If he still has a few boxes left i urge you to buy it. Rizal got one box too. And he also got a few other stuffs.

I ended up picking Iqbal's and Subahan's stuffs as well since we're all staying in Shah Alam. I will just did they went to town!!! One of them, I won't meantioned who, got 1 Chaos Landraider and 1 Landraider Redeemer and X number of oblitz among other things!!! Peter, watch your back bro. You won't be the only oblitz cheese in town soon heheheheheh.

The other guy got like X number of juggernaught and a SM vehicle. What's up with that? Building 2 armies?? I just can wait for 2010 to come. All these new armies.

So many heads to cut offs!!! The Saim-Hann will be waiting eagerly!!!

Thanks Alvin.


  1. Cities of Death, eh? Time to build a new army with diorama CoD bases!!!

  2. Wow, cheap washes!
    and with all those shopping around you, still not decided on a second army yet?

  3. Haha, you guys were the first to arrive at the scene. Lots and lots of stuff. Possibly the most stock you will ever see in the entire country!

    I've been urging lots of guys to go to Legio. If I have the means, I would bring my friends over of course.

  4. ehhh,,perli nampak bro..haha...X number of oBlitz??...kantoi vuel...hahahaha

  5. Hehehehe tak pe la. Bagi la dia chance