Sunday, November 8, 2009

The second is to my brother Arzmi

My brother and my bestest friend in the world, the Lord Inquisitor Arzmi. Soon to be warbike ork boss...sigh, what has the imperium fallen to. Thanks Bro for getting me the Eldar Army box set. This box set is huge.

Apart from all the stuff i got from the box, he also got me:
1 box of banshees
1 box of fire dragons
1 box of dark reapers
1 box of rangers
1 box of warp spiders
and of course the codex.

Getting all these goodies in one go was pure heaven. I was spoilt for choices on which to start first. Finally started with the Wraithlord but the funny part is, after developing my list the wraithlord to this day is unfinished. Perhaps one day.

How come GW doesnt make army boxes anymore? I know there's megaforce but none for eldar. Wouldnt mind getting another eldar army box.

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