Saturday, March 5, 2011

Honor Guards Perseus

First off, I didn’t want to paint my HGs all gold as in the codex. I felt that the gold scheme was more GW trying to show them as Dante’s personal HGs hence them being all gold. And I personally do not like the all gold look ie sanguinary guards.

So for my AG I decided to use the normal chapter colors but maintained the gold helm to indicate them as being HG. Unfortunately the codex shows BA vanguard vets as having gold helms. Guess I’ll have to change mine for another hue when I get to painting them.

In the meantime here are my HGs. I only painted 4 because I decided to paint the apothecary in all white armor similar to my Sanguinary priests. Am going to have 2 priests in my list so they’ll be painted together with the apothecary later.

Some WIP pics.

All were basecoated with astronomican grey using, no surprise, my airbrush.

Then airbrushed gore red for one halve. The rest was hand painted.

The helms were airbrushed shining gold and this really brings out the gold color. 3 thin and smooth layers.Airbrushing really saves time and produces a clean neat finish. Perfect for someone like me whose only goal is tabletop presentable presence .

This was my first real taste of multi choice weapons unit so was quite confused at how to make them WYSIWYG. Thanks to Alvin for teaching me and getting me sorted out.

Next up, Lexicanum Achilles.