Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kindred II

Organizing Kindred last March with Arzmi was a huge blast!!! I will be the first to admit that it was hard work designing, promoting and running the event. But the experience was worth it. That warm fuzzy feeling after finally closing the event was extra special. The kind comments we got after the event was heart warming and encouraging. So although we didn't have any prior experience organizing such an event, we think we did rather well considering the circumstances.

We had always planned to make Kindred an annual doubles event but at that time it rested on us being able to pull the first one off. Since that went rather well, next year we'll run Kindred II or K2 for short. Yes, just like the mountain.

We will change the format to spice things up a bit but not by much. So dont worry, you can still expect the same wacky experience that you got from Kindred and a bit more. That was always and will always be our main target for Kindred - to let everyone have FUN!!! Even the last placed team will walk off with a smile after participating in Kindred. Check out all the smiling faces here :)


That's our promise to you :) We will do our damnest to make it an experience you won't forget easily.

Did i mentioned that we are totally in love with Kindred? No....We totally do!!! And that's why we're going the extra distance to make it an experience you won't forget!!

The teaser poster is just a sample of our promise to you that for K2 we are setting the bar higher than the original. You do not want to miss this.

If you didn't get a chance to participate in Kindred please don't worry. Although we have made the theme similar ie doubles event, Inquisition and Saim-Hann motives etc K2 is a stand alone event!!

K2 will only be similar to Kindred in that :

1. Its a doubles event. What could be more fun than playing 40K?? Playing doubles 40K of course!!! Haven't tried it?? Now's your chance to try your hands at some tag-team mayhem in 41st millenium. Its a fun format that you don't get to play often.

2. It will have a low points entry level to allow beginners to join and experince a tournament event without having to prepare too large an army force. Also good way to meet new friends who share the same hobby and passion.

3. It will use the Legio Hobby Tournament format to let your imagination run wild when building your forces. This time we'll be releasing the Judging Form that we used to determine the Overall Hobby Champion. Building your army around these criterias will really help your cause if you're gunning for the ultimate title.

4. FOC will be released soon but expect to be spoiled for choices when you and your partner start building your combined forces to get the best synergy possible. We will give you every opportunity possible to destroy the living crap out of your opponents. But this time, it'll be more fun :)!!! Trust me on this.
Please schedule an interview with last year's Best Generals, Mousier Joospoon and Alvin Khaw for some tips on how to be the baddest and the meanest!!!

5. We will also have the People's Choice Awards. Now this award is truly something special because judging will be done by your fellow competitors not the judges. People like seeing your army, people vote for it and you get an award. Simple right??

6. We also have the Best Sportsmanship award for the coolest guys you had the pleasure of playing against. And some other awards that we're still thinking about. Again, check out photos of Kindred and try to read the awards that we gave out!!! hehehehee.

7. We will give you ample time for you to look for a partner, design your theme, create your list, paint your models (remember, low point cost so not many to paint) and do some field testing way ahead of the tournament. Did i just give away some clues for K2 date?? I hope not....

Do i sound like i'm trying to market or sell you something here?? I do...well ok, i guess i am. The more the merrier so goes the saying. We would really appreciate if you would help us make K2 a great event by signing up :)

Arzmi and me, we're doing this out of the love for the hobby and to futher develop it in our little sector of the the big galaxy.

And we need your help.

So 'Let us bleed together' ;)

Thanks all for reading my ramblings.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Brothers 3

Actually i wanted to paint a wolves as my 3rd marine but the models i had just didn't have that feral wolves look. And i must admit that the wolves are probably my least (very least actually) favorite chapter. Only because i don't quite like the fluff of a SM chapter being ....wild and undisciplined. SM, in my humble opinion, being genetically altered superhumans should be the shining example of what the next potential evolution of man could be. Not some long haired barbarian...'Me Grimlock, me come from harsh world, me fearless, me eat u for breakfast!!!' (Syameal, Faizal and a few others will just screw me for this!!! hahaha.) To each his own guys :)

Which is why its only right that i paint the most honorable of all the SM chapters: The noble Ultramarines!!! ( You're most welcome Shazli.)
Without further ado, i present Brother Tertius.

Now as much as i would love to paint an Imperial Fist, i think i should start back with my Lizardmen. The marines have been a very nice distraction. So would the new dark eldars....hmmmm and my saim-hann craftworld BFG....

Later guys. Korp khun na krap!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

2nd Space Marine

Still not in the mood to paint lizzies so another marine to pass the time and occupy my nites. Decided on White Scars this time. I've always like the white and red color scheme of the 3rd company. I've had an eye on having a scars 3rd company force led by kor'sarro for some time now but i need to finish my lizardmen first. So if do decide on this, it'll be a 2011 project. In the meantime, here's the first brother of the next Wild Host.

Can you guess my 3rd marine :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My first Space Marine

So what do u when you're bored of painting lizardmen. Paint something else i suppose.

So i painted what i had on me. A space marine tactical squad box. I decided to do away with my usual way of painting which is to airbrush the main colors then paint the details from there. This time i tried the conventional way of building from black base up. And because this will be a one off project i just painted one space marine. It's nice to paint just for the sake of it and not have the pressure of finishing it quickly to complete than one unit for the army. So i really took my time on this.
This is the first time i tried building up colors by painting thin layers until i got a nice finish. I must say that it's quite ....for want of a better word...fun. Compared to airbrushing several coats of the primary color, by building up i could leave the the areas i wanted to remain black. Its a lot easier then painting lines after but totally time consuming.

Also i decided to finish one part before going on to the next. Started with the head as my usual preference. Not master-class level but a lot better than my previous models. Kaizen one step at a time. Again it was nice to be able to take my time and spend more effort on a single model.

One area i really had a problem with was getting the decals on. Funny how i never had this problem with my eldars. But i guess it's because i didn't have to conform gw decals to extremely rounded surface like space marine shoulder pads. Suffice to say, it wasn't fun. Space marine GW decals are nowhere near as good as aircraft decals that i'm used to. My humbrol setting solution wasn't much help with the thick gw decals. Plus i didn't bring any future polish with me to bangkok and couldn't find one here. Had to settle for kiwi kleen. No nice smelling apple scent and i don't think it works as well.

Another problem i had was getting my varnishes to work well. Had to redo several decals for the left shoulder pad because the matt and gloss finishes started to frost on me. They practically went all white around the areas and nothing i tried could remove the frosting. But managed to get a reasonable finish after the 3rd decal. Am so used to humbrol finishes. Wonder where i can still them?

There's a few, i mean a lot of things that i wish i wish i could've done better. First on the list is the aquila on the breastplate. Didn't come out nice after the applying matt finish. Second was the boltgun. Initially i wanted to repair both areas but decided not to. This is my first space marine after all. So it'll be a history of my painting efforts.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lizardmen continued

I actually got these done before the Raya holidays but didnt get a chance to post them up. Just completed the Saurus lord and 20 warriors. Still need to paint another 20 saurus including the standard bearer and musician.

Still a lot to do i know and my army isn't complete yet to play with. I need to get buy another box of skinks to convert into chameleons then i'm good. Then i'd like to have a game with Khun Faizal :).

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Progress has been really slow

What can i say...i've been occupied with other things for the past few weeks. Most notably the books that i've been collecting. I've been spending more time reading than painting. The last game i had was during Legio's birthday bash.

As you can see, there's still a lot left to paint before this army is ready for the battlefields. The positive is that the majority of my army is assembled. That's at least worth something huh..
I do still have a box and some loose cold one riders and need to get another skinks box which i intend to convert to chameleons. Way much affordable than buying the metal ones.

The big question now is do i wait and finish painting everything before i debut them or just play them unpainted to learn the rules?? I've never ever played fantasy so the 2nd option sounds smart. But i do have something against playing unpainted models. I'll just be frank...i wouldn't feel good putting unpainted models on the table. I wonder where i got this from....hmmmmm.

My previous target was end of september to get them fully painted but already i'm 2 weeks behind. Time to walk the talk!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Sauruses

I've started with my saurus warriors. As mentioned i have 40 saurus. Which will be grouped into 2 blocks. 1 block will be led by a scar veteran. I've never painted 40 models at a go and the task does look....overwhelming. Afraid of falling into the mindset of just getting it done quickly and sacrificing on painting quality. Ooh well, my experience in production line should be of good help here.

1. The 40 saurus.

2. I spray painted them ice blue. Although air-brushing them saved me a lot of time, spraying 41 models took quite some time.

3. I then gave them a wash of asurmen blue. Asurmen?? Isn't he an eldar? Hehehhe

Close up of the scar veteran.

And in between the spraying and washing, i managed to assemble the stegadon. Its a really nice model. Iz advised me to get another one. I think maybe i will ;) The skink and saurus are there just to show the size. I stuffed the stegadon with clay so it has some weight to it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

24 skinks are done.

Yes sir, my first unit of warhammer fantasy unit is done. 20 skinks led by 4 braves. And as someone requested, some close up shots. Your wish is my command.

Not too shabby huh?? I mean the pictures. Vast improvement over the last few posts. Wonders what the Sun Lens of Fujidigitalcameratix can do. Truly the blessings of the old ones are embodied in this magical and ancient artifact!!

Next on the table - 40 saurus warriors. 2 blocks of 20 warriors each. One block led by an oldblood.

Let's how long these will take me. I'm targeting 2 weeks. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Lizardmen Cometh !!!

Ok ok not the clearest of pics i know. Well they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And since my picture isn't too clear i'll give you a thousand words. So get ready for a long post....

The Lizardmen will be my first fantasy army. Just like the eldar they just called out to me. . It wasn't even a difficult choice for me. I saw their model range, did some reading and like most of you who finally made up their mind on a particular army choice, started buying like crazy :)

As you can see from the pic, i've still got a long way to go before they're ready to walk the battlefields of the old world. I'm almost done with the skinks and have started to assemble some saurus warriors. I have 40 sauruses in total which will be led an oldblood. After that, the slann, temple guards, stegadon, cold ones. That's it. Unless i give in to my desires and buy another stegadon, some salamanders and kroq-gar over the weekend ;).

The new fantasy rulebook is there in the pic esp for all my brothers back home and also 1 in bkk who haven't got theirs yet......You haven't got it yet!!!! Man, it is awesomely awesome!!! Don't even get me started on the price of books here in the Land of Smiles. Yes, i want you guys to be envious of said awesome tomb currently in my possession but wouldn't be nice to make you drool by revealing the price. Please support your LGS :).

Is that a thousand words yet?? Nope...ok

The lizardmen will be only my 3rd army of miniatures that i've collected in my short time in the war-gaming hobby. My first was the Protectorate of menoth. Had a decent collection until i gave up on the game. 2nd would be my proud saim-hann which i've put into semi-retirement. Playing the same army time and time again does this to you. Boredom. Maybe i should start a new 40K army....nah!!! Lizardmen first.

I've noticed a trend in my army choices which i didn't realise at first. All of them are heavy magic users. POM have really good magic casters, eldars with their psychic powers and now the lizardmen. Although i haven't played them or even seen anyone play them, most tell me they're the ultimate magic users in fantasy. Let's hope this is right. Because i can't wait to start dooming, guiding, fortuning and rune of warding my opponents!! Huh....wrong system?
Better start reading the rulebook then. I'm only up to page 17 of 512. Did i tell u that its awesomely thick? No. Well guys, its awesomely thick!!!

My sincerest thanks to brother Iqbal for getting me the metal musician and standard bearer. Thanks bro :)

Also sincerest thanks to brother Jeff for lending me the lizardmen armybook way back then and the many discussions we had which help me to cement my decision to collect them :)

Cheers guys. Not a thousand words yet??? I'll decide to flee then. 3 dice for leadership and pick the lowest 2. Now doesn't that sound like the abilities of some space faring elves....

Thanks guys. Korp khun mak krap.

Craftworld Saim-Hann : i need to get a camera

I really need to get a camera soon. The pics i took from my phone isn't clear at all.

This pic was taken by either Jeff or Azlan for Legio's 2nd Birthday Bash. Didnt even get their permission to use it first. Ahh well, i'll buy them lunch when next we meet.

This vessel is 1 of only 2 that i've completely painted. The others as you've seen in my previous post have been airbrushed to saim-hann colours but not detailed yet.

I've decided to shelve them for the time being to start on a new project. With the new fantasy rulebook out plus the crowd here more inclined towards fantasy, i reckon its the best time to start on my fantasy army. More on that in my next post.

In the meantime, i'm quite happy with how the wraithships have turned out. Definitely have the Saim-hann look to it. Didn't do anything fancy for it. Just orange linings to bring out the red. I haven't played a game with them yet which is a bummer. No bfg action in these parts so i'll just have to wait for my next legio nite. In september i hope.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Craftworld Saim-Hann update : Patience is a Virtue

But too much is procrastinating. Didn't get much work done on the vessels due to a hectic week . But patience is what you need when you're doing masking work. You need to make sure that all coatings have been given enough time to cure before applying the masks. Because if you don't, it'll peel off when you strip off the masking tapes.

And with that, i'm very happy with how every vessel have turned out. All lines are done and the fleet is beginning to look like a proud Wildhost fleet.


I'm particularly happy with how the command shi
p has turned out. Opposite colours and really showing that it's the lead vessel ;).

Group photo.
Next step is to paint the sails.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Craftworld Saim-Hann update

Now that the hobby juices is flowing, things are really starting to roll.

1. Base coated with fotress grey and then sprayed black on the stripes area.

2. Proceed to mask the area where i want the black stripes to be.
The way to go to get symmetrical lines are to cut and join them like i've done before applying to the model. That way you're sure to get perfect angles for all the ships. It's not hard work but not easy either. Results though are going to be worth it ;)


3. All masking is done except for the command dragonship which will have opposite colors; similar to my jetbike seer council. Tonite i'll apply another coat of fotress grey to get rid of the black colours before starting on the gorgeous blood red!!! Have i mentioned that i just love red??

ps: sorry about the quality of the pics. Taken with my handphone camera. Will buy a digi-cam after getting this month's pay.

Cheers all.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Wild Host warps to Bangkok

Well i guess most of you already know this but to those who don't, i'm now based in Bangkok for the next 12 months. Its part of my company's Inter Company Transfer (ICT) program. I arrived here on the 2th of April and haven't done any hobbying since. Its been difficult to find the interest to start. My fault entirely.

But now that the spark is there i need to ride it all the way. While the iron is hot and all that. Plus i do need to get some new models done for the Legio birthday bash. And with
that i present to you.......

My modest hobby table which i really need to keep clean unless i want to end up paying for it when i end my term. I really really miss my hobby room in Malaysia...sigh. Anyways, as you can see, I've finally started to basecoat the eldar cruisers. Which for me is a huge step already. So let's hope i can keep the ball rolling.

And another thing, if any of you guys are planning on going to bangkok please give me a heads up :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Craftworld Saim-Hann

The next project on the 'yet to be bought' hobby table are these craftworld eldar vessels. Its a 2K list with 3 dragonships, 5 wraithships n 8 shadowhunters. These are amazing models and captures the eldar look very nicely in my opinion. Of course i'm going to have it done in Saim-hann colours.

The dragonship is slightly larger than the wraithship but has only 1 sail on top.

The wraithship has 2 sails, 1 on top and another ant the bottom. Looks nicer me thinks.

The casting quality by GW is actually quite good. I do hope i can do them justice. Will be my entry for Legio's birthday bash and also for the gothicomp.