Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Wild Host warps to Bangkok

Well i guess most of you already know this but to those who don't, i'm now based in Bangkok for the next 12 months. Its part of my company's Inter Company Transfer (ICT) program. I arrived here on the 2th of April and haven't done any hobbying since. Its been difficult to find the interest to start. My fault entirely.

But now that the spark is there i need to ride it all the way. While the iron is hot and all that. Plus i do need to get some new models done for the Legio birthday bash. And with
that i present to you.......

My modest hobby table which i really need to keep clean unless i want to end up paying for it when i end my term. I really really miss my hobby room in Malaysia...sigh. Anyways, as you can see, I've finally started to basecoat the eldar cruisers. Which for me is a huge step already. So let's hope i can keep the ball rolling.

And another thing, if any of you guys are planning on going to bangkok please give me a heads up :)


  1. I think a group of us should go to Bangkok over a weekend and spill some blood. I will be back in the mid of August and will be on a break for 1 month. I will plan something.

  2. You are BLOGGING again! Huzzah! :)

    The hobby table looks cozy dude- that would work for me. You should get one of those plastic/vinyl tablecloths to protect that table if you're worried about it. You don't want to start weeping if you spill your paint :)

    Keep blogging! Paint those ships!


  3. Hey Doc, would love to have you over!!! Save money by staying at my place. Then you can use 'saved' money to belanja me some models hahaha.

    Offer stands Doc. Please drop by.

  4. Jeff, i need to shop for another table over the weekend. That's the dinner table i'm using and just not sufficient, not to mention that i'm now eating on the floor using the coffee table. Also need to get some plastic mini shelves for my paints and stuffs.

    Good to be spraying and painting again.thanks man. Really owe you one.

  5. wanna come to my house and use my table? hehe

  6. Sounds like you've got a plan together, homie. I'm starting a hobby rush on Monday with my Iyanden Eldar, so I'll be spending a lot of time at my hobby table as well! :)

  7. if you're planning to put all of your hobby stuff there, that table would be too small..

    would love to see that Saim-Hann fleet painted ;)