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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kindred II

Organizing Kindred last March with Arzmi was a huge blast!!! I will be the first to admit that it was hard work designing, promoting and running the event. But the experience was worth it. That warm fuzzy feeling after finally closing the event was extra special. The kind comments we got after the event was heart warming and encouraging. So although we didn't have any prior experience organizing such an event, we think we did rather well considering the circumstances.

We had always planned to make Kindred an annual doubles event but at that time it rested on us being able to pull the first one off. Since that went rather well, next year we'll run Kindred II or K2 for short. Yes, just like the mountain.

We will change the format to spice things up a bit but not by much. So dont worry, you can still expect the same wacky experience that you got from Kindred and a bit more. That was always and will always be our main target for Kindred - to let everyone have FUN!!! Even the last placed team will walk off with a smile after participating in Kindred. Check out all the smiling faces here :)


That's our promise to you :) We will do our damnest to make it an experience you won't forget easily.

Did i mentioned that we are totally in love with Kindred? No....We totally do!!! And that's why we're going the extra distance to make it an experience you won't forget!!

The teaser poster is just a sample of our promise to you that for K2 we are setting the bar higher than the original. You do not want to miss this.

If you didn't get a chance to participate in Kindred please don't worry. Although we have made the theme similar ie doubles event, Inquisition and Saim-Hann motives etc K2 is a stand alone event!!

K2 will only be similar to Kindred in that :

1. Its a doubles event. What could be more fun than playing 40K?? Playing doubles 40K of course!!! Haven't tried it?? Now's your chance to try your hands at some tag-team mayhem in 41st millenium. Its a fun format that you don't get to play often.

2. It will have a low points entry level to allow beginners to join and experince a tournament event without having to prepare too large an army force. Also good way to meet new friends who share the same hobby and passion.

3. It will use the Legio Hobby Tournament format to let your imagination run wild when building your forces. This time we'll be releasing the Judging Form that we used to determine the Overall Hobby Champion. Building your army around these criterias will really help your cause if you're gunning for the ultimate title.

4. FOC will be released soon but expect to be spoiled for choices when you and your partner start building your combined forces to get the best synergy possible. We will give you every opportunity possible to destroy the living crap out of your opponents. But this time, it'll be more fun :)!!! Trust me on this.
Please schedule an interview with last year's Best Generals, Mousier Joospoon and Alvin Khaw for some tips on how to be the baddest and the meanest!!!

5. We will also have the People's Choice Awards. Now this award is truly something special because judging will be done by your fellow competitors not the judges. People like seeing your army, people vote for it and you get an award. Simple right??

6. We also have the Best Sportsmanship award for the coolest guys you had the pleasure of playing against. And some other awards that we're still thinking about. Again, check out photos of Kindred and try to read the awards that we gave out!!! hehehehee.

7. We will give you ample time for you to look for a partner, design your theme, create your list, paint your models (remember, low point cost so not many to paint) and do some field testing way ahead of the tournament. Did i just give away some clues for K2 date?? I hope not....

Do i sound like i'm trying to market or sell you something here?? I do...well ok, i guess i am. The more the merrier so goes the saying. We would really appreciate if you would help us make K2 a great event by signing up :)

Arzmi and me, we're doing this out of the love for the hobby and to futher develop it in our little sector of the the big galaxy.

And we need your help.

So 'Let us bleed together' ;)

Thanks all for reading my ramblings.


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