Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lexicanum Achilles

I had earlier wanted to use the chaplain with JP model as my 2nd librarian and even got the model from Arzmi. Thanks bro.

That was until I met Khun Boss, a Thai friend I met at Battlefield Bangkok. He showed me some of his nicely painted SM and one in particular caught my eyes.

The thing I liked most about this pose is the right hand. It reminds me of a psyker throwing off a force beam or shield ala jedi/sith in Knights of the Old Republic; now that was a good game!!!

So after finding out where I could get that hand pose (I’m a total newb with SM), I patched together my 2nd librarian using the death company set as the basis.

It came out rather well I think. Basically, he’s in the process of unleashing blood lance.

Now all I need is faizal to line up all his IG tanks in 1 straight line and fail as many cover saves as possible ;)


Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Wildhost in a new environment

I've been rather lacking in updating lately but not for a lack of hobbying. Although my progress is a bit behind schedule its still on track.

The main reason for this being...

I recently learnt how to scuba dive getting my PADI Open Waters Divers certification. I then joined a 4 days diving trip to south Phuket area called South Andaman. We did 16 dives in total including 3 night dives.

During this trip I decided to also take the Advanced Open Waters certification. My deepest dive for the Deep Dive exercise was a whopping 44 meters deep!! It was a truly awesome experience.

After completing all the required programs, am happy to announce that the Wildhost is now fully certified!

Yes sir rii, you betcha!!

Guys, if you've ever wanted to learn to scuba dive my advise would be 'Just do it!'
Its a surreal experience and one you'll not forget.

Next dive, Sipadan Island :)

errr next update Lexicanum Achilles....