Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Wildhost in a new environment

I've been rather lacking in updating lately but not for a lack of hobbying. Although my progress is a bit behind schedule its still on track.

The main reason for this being...

I recently learnt how to scuba dive getting my PADI Open Waters Divers certification. I then joined a 4 days diving trip to south Phuket area called South Andaman. We did 16 dives in total including 3 night dives.

During this trip I decided to also take the Advanced Open Waters certification. My deepest dive for the Deep Dive exercise was a whopping 44 meters deep!! It was a truly awesome experience.

After completing all the required programs, am happy to announce that the Wildhost is now fully certified!

Yes sir rii, you betcha!!

Guys, if you've ever wanted to learn to scuba dive my advise would be 'Just do it!'
Its a surreal experience and one you'll not forget.

Next dive, Sipadan Island :)

errr next update Lexicanum Achilles....


  1. nice pictures dude! I'm plannin to get my PADI soon! goin to do it here before coming back to M'sia.

  2. nice move!
    might as well learn scuba diving since your skimmers & jetbikes are going to be shot down and crash into the seas, right?..hahahaha :p

  3. dude, that looks awesome! you do know that malaysia has some of the best dive sites in the world right? see you soon!

  4. Yes!!! I will definitely be planning to dive in Malaysia :)

    Pulau Sipadan being on top of the list!!

    @bro faizal- please get yr certification :)
    I need a dive buddy.
    Super experience bro. You have to do it!!