Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lexicanum Achilles

I had earlier wanted to use the chaplain with JP model as my 2nd librarian and even got the model from Arzmi. Thanks bro.

That was until I met Khun Boss, a Thai friend I met at Battlefield Bangkok. He showed me some of his nicely painted SM and one in particular caught my eyes.

The thing I liked most about this pose is the right hand. It reminds me of a psyker throwing off a force beam or shield ala jedi/sith in Knights of the Old Republic; now that was a good game!!!

So after finding out where I could get that hand pose (I’m a total newb with SM), I patched together my 2nd librarian using the death company set as the basis.

It came out rather well I think. Basically, he’s in the process of unleashing blood lance.

Now all I need is faizal to line up all his IG tanks in 1 straight line and fail as many cover saves as possible ;)



  1. Love the pose! I might have to steal it hahaha

  2. Nice fig dude! The pose and the power weapon are both fantastic- nicely done

  3. Thanks guys.

    Hey Silar, please by all means. I also kinda stole it from a friend hehehe

  4. Talk to the hand. Hahaha. Nicely done bro.

  5. Hahaha. Should change the name to lexicanum The Rock.

    Now go and drink some shut up juice!!!
    Can u smeeellllllllll what the rockk is coooking!!