Friday, March 26, 2010

Battlefleet Vigilance : Part 2

Now that we've built our vessel we need to paint it. I admit i'm a sucker for GW standard paint schemes. They're usually very nice schemes, easily identifiable to other players, as a painter you already know how it will turn out into plus you don't have to crack your head thinking one up. I know it's the lazy way out but i do love owning models which looks nice and people can easily relate to. Hence the Saim-Hann scheme for my eldar. The Wow Factor in a sense.

Thus for Battlefleet Vigilance led by Solar Admiral Karl Donitz, we will wear the Gothic segmentum approved paint scheme.

Start with a basecoat of black for the hull and fortress grey for the prow. All this is using airbrush.

Next paint the prow skull white. I did around 5 layers to get really white color as i want the prow to be the highlight point of vessels.

Then it's drybrushing snot green on the hull. This is the first time that i've actually tried drybrushing on a large scale and i must say that it's very easy. Very quick to do the whole model and results looks great.

From this i went to the prow. To achieve good gold trimming i laid down a layer of vomit brown before applying shining gold. Drybrush the engines boltgun metal and a few other parts and we're done.

"Weapons officer, Give me firing solutions"

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Battlefleet Vigilance

A while back i posted that i was undecided on whether to get the Aeronautica Imperialis air combat rule book from Forge World or start Battlefleet Gothic, well two very close friends helped push me in the right direction.

Its Battlefleet Gothic.

The best thing about BFG is that the Rulebook and other supplementary materials are available for free download on the GW site. So if you're just a bit interested to know how the game plays, have a look.

Ok on to the good stuff. I decided to go Imperial for my bfg fleet. Why not Eldar? To
be honest, the design of their ships were not what i expected Eldar vessels to look like. They're nice in a way but it gets taking use to. Maybe my next buy.

Every budding Solar Admiral worth their salt will start with getting cruisers. They're the workhouse in any imperial fleet. They're also the only imperial model that's made of plastic. So at around Rm60 you get two cruisers which you can built into the many variants available to the imperial.The cruisers come in a generic GW box with enough parts to build 2 cruisers. No instructions are given but i believe none are required since assembly is very easy.

The one drawback is that GW does not provide enough weapons bay parts to built 2 of the same type of variants except the Lunar and the Dictator. Which means you cannot build 2 Dominator or Gothic variants with a single box of cruisers. Not good so careful fleet list building is required before you start assembling them. Well, you can temporarily glue the weapons bay perhaps by using white glue or just blue tac. This would allow you to change the variants of the vessels if you want to try how each classes work without having to spend as much.

Parts all cut and cleaned. As you can see, there's no possibility that you can go wrong with the assembly. You have the 2 halves of the hull, wing part, engines and bridge which is standard for all vessel variants. You are provided with a few options for masts.

Now comes the hard part of choosing which variant you want to build. The pic above shows the dictator class which has an ordnance bay behind the front gun batteries. Your vessel selection will determine your prow weapon. Depending on vessel variants, you either get a prow ram or the nova cannon. The dictator above has a ram. Next step is assembly. Like i said, easy and straight forward.

You cruiser should look like this. Now isn't that a sight to behold!!!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gameforge 40k combat patrol tournament

This was the first time i went to Gameforge and I must say that i'm very impressed with their establishment. Nice, clean environment, good stocks, reasonable prices. Was so so tempted to get stuffs for the new army but sensibility and logic prevailed plus the fact that i'd just dished out on a new battlefleet list the previous week. That's me in the green shirt thinking that i should buy the whole range of citadel paints.

I did buy 2 copies of the White Dwarf and a citadel fine brush before i left though.

The Gameforge guys were just amazing. Friendly and helpful, they made us feel comfortable from the moment we arrived. That's what customer service is all about. Esp after a four hours drive from Shah Alam and driving around Penang looking for the place. Well do
ne guys!!!

I played 3 games. Lost the first to a space wolf patrol. Won the next against the tyranids then won my final game against the chaos mon-keigh. All my opponents were from Penang and each was a delight to play against. Its nice to know that Penang has a nice ready
group of players. I'm told they used the 4th ed style of scoring so in the end i didn't know where i stood in standings. Not important since it definitely was not top 3.For my efforts i got a cool certificate from Gameforge.

Arzmi though was in the running for top honors until his Orcs met Peter's chaos mon-keighs. He lost and ended up in 3rd placing. With his prize winnings he bought the new Battle Mission book and much to my surprise gave it to me :) What can i can, brotherly love. I got your back, Bro!!!

A very big thank you to all the guys at Gameforge for organizing this tournament. It was fun and i'll try to come again with my 1750 saim-hann list soon. - excuse to buy models-

All in, it was a very nice road trip and i thoroughly enjoyed the company of Iqbal(my co-driver), Jeff(official humor guy) and Arzmi(who slept most of the time). Laughter was aplenty esp when you had a mat salleh along who knew the local lay. Didn't know we had cannibals in Malaysia till Jeff pointed it out. You learn something new everyday.

It was super FUN!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saim-Hann Vyper finally done.

Together with the Spiders this was another model that was doomed to the 'Warp Box'. Don't you just love a tournament to get those painting juices pumping. And in all honesty, i wouldn't have completed this Vyper if i didn't need to use it in the combat patrol event. So thank you again guys. I hope you have lots of GW stuff because i intend to repay your indirect assistance in getting me to paint my models. Repay by buying more models to put in the warp box hehehe.

The Vyper is a nice model to build and paint. In Saim-Hann colors, i believe it looks all the more menacing. Unfortunately, their stats aren't that good. That's why i didn't use them in my Altansar list in favor of better performing war walkers. This will the first time i'm using the vyper. Let's see how it fperforms in a combat patrol environment. Armed with a scatter laser it will provide long range firepower for the guardians. At S6 Heavy 4 it should be able to deal with rhino's and similar armored units.

A Vyper is a must build and must field option if you're into the fluff of Saim-Hann. Did not the Wild Host artisans pioneered the light skimmer. I'll need another one to include in my new Saim-Hann list. Speed is always the key.

The Wild Host is now ready to wreck havoc n Penang.

Heads will fall!!!

Warp Spiders are done - Thank you Gameforge Penang

Finally, my spiders are all fully painted!! Got these as a gift from my brother way back in December 2008 and the best they got were a white prime in preparation for this year's Legio Iron Painter. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned and they went straight into the box of 'To-Do' Projects = Warpbox = probably never get done.

That is until Gameforge announced the combat patrol tournament to be held this Saturday, 20th. So thank you Gameforge for indirectly forcing me to paint the spiders.

Not the best of paintjob i admit but they're not too shabby either. I hope they'll do better during the tourney. Luckily, the standard spiders colors are similar to the Saim-Hann scheme so there wasn't much for me to change as compared to my avengers and dragons.

I'm really looking forward to this road trip. Arzmi, Iqbal, Jeff and me to a 40k tourney. A hobby shop which will definitely have GW merchandise. Play combat patrol scenarios. Meet other hobbyist.


Friday, March 12, 2010

The Wild Host warps to Penang

The Wild Host will make it's first appearance outside of Klang Valley at the 40K combat patrol tourney organized by Gameforge in Penang. At 400 points its a challenge to design a competitive list since all Eldar units are expensive so i decided to go with theme instead. My list will be based around what the Saim-Hann is famous for ..... Speed. With that, the force that will be wrecking havoc in Penang on the 20th March will be :

1 Warlock on jetbike with embolden
6 Guardian jetbikes (3 with shuriken cannons)
1 Vyper with scatter lasers
5 Warp spiders including an Exarch.

Initially i wanted to go for an all guardian jetbike force but decided to put in a Vyper and some Warp Spiders to act as support.
The guardian will be led by a Warlock with Embolden for much needed Leadership re-roll. I'm sure they will be shot at a lot and without fortune to help them survive, I foresee making leadership check quite often. I hope I'm proven wrong.

Tactics is quite obvious, shoot from afar and proceed to strategically reposition themselves. Warlock is there if i ever need a S9 weapon. Spiders will be fun as harassment unit and i'm still trying to find points to give them deep strike ability.

And yes, the spiders aren't fully painted yet but i have 5 days to go so no worries there.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kindred 2010 : Done

I know now that it's not an easy task having a blog and having it updated regularly. You really need to have the drive and personal commitment to keep it going. And i must admit i'm failing miserably lately.

But i do want to inform everyone that together with my brother Arzmi, we ran Kindred last Saturday at Legio. You can read all about it at Legio's site.

I am planning of opening a document on Legio's site containing all the photos taken during the event.

It has been a long journey for me personally seeing Kindred from conception to final event running. It has been emotionally and physically taxing. It didn't sink in until Sunday morning when i got up and told myself that i have completed the task of organizing and running a Legio 40K doubles tournament. No further task, no further worrying, no further pressure.

I have done it!!! No one can ever take that away from me.

The journey was eventful. It wasn't easy. It was tough. It was satisfying. I know now, perhaps only about 10% of what Jeff goes through organizing all those Legio events in the past. Sir, i have the utmost respect for you. Having experienced perhaps a small fragment of what you have given and sacrificed to run those events; i know now that you are the unsung hero of our gaming community.
You deserve a Purity Seal for each and every one of those Legio events.

Super special thanks to my brother Arzmi for running this event with me. He must take most of the credit for the awesome visual presentation that is Kindred. I know i haven't been an easy taskmaster but someone has to carry the burden. Thanks bro. We did it!!!

Super special thanks also to Mr. Jeff Brooks. For allowing us the chance to organize the event, assisting and guiding us each and every step of the way, never once refusing a request for help, those many lunches to discuss and hear my updates. Thank you for inducting me into this very elite group of tournament organizers. It is so so so much easier being a participant ain't it :).

We did it Jeff. Thank you so much for all your encouragements and support.

I personally hope we have raised the standards of what a Legio event is all about.

To all the winners of Kindred,Well done you guys!!! Hats off to each and every one of you.

To all those who took part in Kindred, my most sincere appreciation for you participation. I hope we have ran the event up to your expectation and provided you with a memorable gaming experience.
I hope you had FUN!!!

To my fellow Legio members who have in many ways supported us in this endeavor, thank you so much guys. It's now time for some of you to step up to the plate and raise the bar even higher. I promise that the journey will be worth it. I promise that i will assist in any way that i can. I have taken the torch from Jeff, now someone needs to take it from me.

Ave Legio!!!