Friday, March 12, 2010

The Wild Host warps to Penang

The Wild Host will make it's first appearance outside of Klang Valley at the 40K combat patrol tourney organized by Gameforge in Penang. At 400 points its a challenge to design a competitive list since all Eldar units are expensive so i decided to go with theme instead. My list will be based around what the Saim-Hann is famous for ..... Speed. With that, the force that will be wrecking havoc in Penang on the 20th March will be :

1 Warlock on jetbike with embolden
6 Guardian jetbikes (3 with shuriken cannons)
1 Vyper with scatter lasers
5 Warp spiders including an Exarch.

Initially i wanted to go for an all guardian jetbike force but decided to put in a Vyper and some Warp Spiders to act as support.
The guardian will be led by a Warlock with Embolden for much needed Leadership re-roll. I'm sure they will be shot at a lot and without fortune to help them survive, I foresee making leadership check quite often. I hope I'm proven wrong.

Tactics is quite obvious, shoot from afar and proceed to strategically reposition themselves. Warlock is there if i ever need a S9 weapon. Spiders will be fun as harassment unit and i'm still trying to find points to give them deep strike ability.

And yes, the spiders aren't fully painted yet but i have 5 days to go so no worries there.


  1. Sounds like a plan, dude. I've got a few models to finish as well, but that shouldn't be a problem... (famous last words lol)

  2. that's some army for CP! you do realize that the slowest thing moves at 14" per turn (warp spiders, but they can also move 24" per turn), everything with wounds has 3+ save, and the amount of S4 and S6 firepower you have is simply devastating? awesome

  3. Unfortunately, guardians and the vyper is at BS3. At least the shuriken catapult is twin linked but if i have to depend on them then i'm most probably screwed.

    We just want to use the shu cannon at range 24' plus the scatter lasers at 36'.

    Its annihilation patrol game so i reckon it'll be a race to see who can get the other to start rolling for leadership first - reducing the opponent to below 50%.

    And hence, the embolden would come in handy. I'll need it with my highest Ld at 8. I fail that twice in a row....i'll eat something..nice :)

  4. The Eldars are playing hard to get..this would be tough for me..

  5. Your dark kin will stand by your side this time Warlock.....but never trust to hope.

  6. Yes cousin, let us rid these mon-keighs first.

    Then we will grant you your doom.