Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saim-Hann Vyper finally done.

Together with the Spiders this was another model that was doomed to the 'Warp Box'. Don't you just love a tournament to get those painting juices pumping. And in all honesty, i wouldn't have completed this Vyper if i didn't need to use it in the combat patrol event. So thank you again guys. I hope you have lots of GW stuff because i intend to repay your indirect assistance in getting me to paint my models. Repay by buying more models to put in the warp box hehehe.

The Vyper is a nice model to build and paint. In Saim-Hann colors, i believe it looks all the more menacing. Unfortunately, their stats aren't that good. That's why i didn't use them in my Altansar list in favor of better performing war walkers. This will the first time i'm using the vyper. Let's see how it fperforms in a combat patrol environment. Armed with a scatter laser it will provide long range firepower for the guardians. At S6 Heavy 4 it should be able to deal with rhino's and similar armored units.

A Vyper is a must build and must field option if you're into the fluff of Saim-Hann. Did not the Wild Host artisans pioneered the light skimmer. I'll need another one to include in my new Saim-Hann list. Speed is always the key.

The Wild Host is now ready to wreck havoc n Penang.

Heads will fall!!!


  1. This was a "must have" choice in your CP dude. It looks awesome! :)

  2. dude, that looks really nice. I'm bringing a couple of my Vypers this Friday - let's race! lol

  3. Thanks guys.

    But this friday we're firing torpedoes and batteries my good admirals!!

    Load all tubes. Give me firing solutions. Fire on my mark!!!

  4. action stations! batten the bulkheads! every man to his station! prime the batteries! ready ordnance! avast ye sorry excuses for sailors! ready starboard batteries! for the emperor!

  5. What kind of varnish are you using? high gloss or satin?