Thursday, March 25, 2010

Battlefleet Vigilance

A while back i posted that i was undecided on whether to get the Aeronautica Imperialis air combat rule book from Forge World or start Battlefleet Gothic, well two very close friends helped push me in the right direction.

Its Battlefleet Gothic.

The best thing about BFG is that the Rulebook and other supplementary materials are available for free download on the GW site. So if you're just a bit interested to know how the game plays, have a look.

Ok on to the good stuff. I decided to go Imperial for my bfg fleet. Why not Eldar? To
be honest, the design of their ships were not what i expected Eldar vessels to look like. They're nice in a way but it gets taking use to. Maybe my next buy.

Every budding Solar Admiral worth their salt will start with getting cruisers. They're the workhouse in any imperial fleet. They're also the only imperial model that's made of plastic. So at around Rm60 you get two cruisers which you can built into the many variants available to the imperial.The cruisers come in a generic GW box with enough parts to build 2 cruisers. No instructions are given but i believe none are required since assembly is very easy.

The one drawback is that GW does not provide enough weapons bay parts to built 2 of the same type of variants except the Lunar and the Dictator. Which means you cannot build 2 Dominator or Gothic variants with a single box of cruisers. Not good so careful fleet list building is required before you start assembling them. Well, you can temporarily glue the weapons bay perhaps by using white glue or just blue tac. This would allow you to change the variants of the vessels if you want to try how each classes work without having to spend as much.

Parts all cut and cleaned. As you can see, there's no possibility that you can go wrong with the assembly. You have the 2 halves of the hull, wing part, engines and bridge which is standard for all vessel variants. You are provided with a few options for masts.

Now comes the hard part of choosing which variant you want to build. The pic above shows the dictator class which has an ordnance bay behind the front gun batteries. Your vessel selection will determine your prow weapon. Depending on vessel variants, you either get a prow ram or the nova cannon. The dictator above has a ram. Next step is assembly. Like i said, easy and straight forward.

You cruiser should look like this. Now isn't that a sight to behold!!!



  1. Iqbal, had an intro game with Azlan last nite. Awesome game bro! Simply awesome!! If you're into fleet combat then you have got to give it a try.

    You also need to check out my super special edition Legio bfg vessel bases. Will make you drool then faint.

  2. currently waiting for my Craftworld to arrive..
    now, need to find elven names for my cruisers..

  3. You've already bought it bro? Nice :)