Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kindred 2010 : Done

I know now that it's not an easy task having a blog and having it updated regularly. You really need to have the drive and personal commitment to keep it going. And i must admit i'm failing miserably lately.

But i do want to inform everyone that together with my brother Arzmi, we ran Kindred last Saturday at Legio. You can read all about it at Legio's site.

I am planning of opening a document on Legio's site containing all the photos taken during the event.

It has been a long journey for me personally seeing Kindred from conception to final event running. It has been emotionally and physically taxing. It didn't sink in until Sunday morning when i got up and told myself that i have completed the task of organizing and running a Legio 40K doubles tournament. No further task, no further worrying, no further pressure.

I have done it!!! No one can ever take that away from me.

The journey was eventful. It wasn't easy. It was tough. It was satisfying. I know now, perhaps only about 10% of what Jeff goes through organizing all those Legio events in the past. Sir, i have the utmost respect for you. Having experienced perhaps a small fragment of what you have given and sacrificed to run those events; i know now that you are the unsung hero of our gaming community.
You deserve a Purity Seal for each and every one of those Legio events.

Super special thanks to my brother Arzmi for running this event with me. He must take most of the credit for the awesome visual presentation that is Kindred. I know i haven't been an easy taskmaster but someone has to carry the burden. Thanks bro. We did it!!!

Super special thanks also to Mr. Jeff Brooks. For allowing us the chance to organize the event, assisting and guiding us each and every step of the way, never once refusing a request for help, those many lunches to discuss and hear my updates. Thank you for inducting me into this very elite group of tournament organizers. It is so so so much easier being a participant ain't it :).

We did it Jeff. Thank you so much for all your encouragements and support.

I personally hope we have raised the standards of what a Legio event is all about.

To all the winners of Kindred,Well done you guys!!! Hats off to each and every one of you.

To all those who took part in Kindred, my most sincere appreciation for you participation. I hope we have ran the event up to your expectation and provided you with a memorable gaming experience.
I hope you had FUN!!!

To my fellow Legio members who have in many ways supported us in this endeavor, thank you so much guys. It's now time for some of you to step up to the plate and raise the bar even higher. I promise that the journey will be worth it. I promise that i will assist in any way that i can. I have taken the torch from Jeff, now someone needs to take it from me.

Ave Legio!!!


  1. Congratulations to you and Arzmi! I had loads of fun at Kindred. It's truly one of the best tourneys I've played in. Totally looking forward to more like this. You have not only kept up the traditions of Legio, you actually pushed the standard up a notch or two. Well done!

  2. Very touching update, bro. I am really sorry for not being there for the support and encouragement but I am sure your brother would have been the greatest help around.
    Anyway, hats off to you both and appreciate all the thing you have done for Legio and its community.

  3. I'll echo those remarks and say that tournament/event was FANTASTIC! You've definitely raised the bar, and I've already started the plannings/design stages of the "Tournament of Skulls"! Great job- you two are what Legio is all about...

  4. Thank you Sirs for the kind words. Really appreciate it.

    @Doc- No need to apologies. I'm 100% sure you would've given all the support if you were here. Perhaps next time.

    @Jeff- i look forward to TOS. Will rope in Faizal to fly down esp for it :)

  5. What is Tournament of the Skull??
    Sounds damn interesting. When, when when??
    Keep me in the loop on this one guys.....I am not dead yet, you know.

  6. Man, I missed a great tourney, especially ran by 2 legio great, Khairul & Azmi!! This Bangkok thingy better be worth it..

    Khun Khairul: Sorry bro for not attending..I promise u we will do something at bangkok in the name of Legio!!

  7. First of all, congratulations!

    @Faizal: yes, you did missed a great tourney bro.

    @Jeff: Will the urban table that we (+ Ivan) planned to do be used in ToS?

  8. More than likely yes, we'll have the table done in time for the tournament. My "Tournament of Skulls" idea will be for the big one in November...

  9. @Khun Faizal- korp-khun.

    Kuhn bpehn ge rue-bplow?

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  11. Khun Khairul: ฆีพำ ฺพนะ้ำพ, ณ ไรสส ะฟาำ ันี ะน ฟ ืรแำ ทฟหหฟเำ ยสฟแำ, hehehe

  12. Woi!!!!! Lebih-lebih tu!!!!! hehehehheeh