Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Iron Painter - 20th Feb

I'm ready for Iron Painter and am really looking forward to it! What's not to like :) ... 10 hours of painting, super nice and comfortable environment, music and most important of all .... Friends who share the same interest.

This is my list.

HQ : 1 Autarch

Troops : 5 Rangers
5 Rangers

Elites : 1 Banshee Exarch
6 banshees

Fast : 1 Spider Exarch
4 Warp Spiders

That's 23 models = 536 points following the FOC. I've only included WYSIWYG points and it does not include power upgrades for the autarch or exarchs.

As you can see, everything has been primed white and based. Now all i have to do is get my painting stuff packed and i'm good to go.

1. Paints
2. Brushes
3. Mixing containers
4. Semi-gloss varnish
5. Decals
6. Humbrol Decalfix
7. Humbrol Gloscote - for those nice shining eldar gems
8. Grass flock
9. Rags
10. Extra music for my handphone + earphone

I'm contemplating whether to bring my airbrush. I only need to use them for final varnish so maybe i can pop over to Alvin's or Iqbal's table for this. I'm sure they're nice enough to accommodate me :). Just have to make sure i don't disturb their usage of it though.

Plan for the day.
1. Banshees - 3 hrs (10am - 1pm)
2. Lunch (1 - 1.30 pm)
3. Autarch - 1 hr (1.30 - 2.30 pm)
4. Rangers - 4 hrs (2.30 - 6.30pm) with short break in between
5. Break (6.30 - 7.30pm) check the others and disturb their painting rhythm by asking lots of Qs
6. Spiders - 2 hrs (7.30 - 9.30pm)

Looks good as long as i keep to the plan and strictly monitor my time.

Let's bring back the People's Choice award for the Wild Host!!!

Wish me luck guys. How goes your preparation??


  1. 12 hours dude! You've got 12, not 10! ;)

    My prep for this is going ok- 20 Assault Marines, 1 Chaplain, and a Dreadnought (optional) is in the plan for Saturday. Unless something goes terribly awry between now and then, Iron Painter will finally launch the Flesh Tearers!

    Sounds like you've got a good plan going yourself- I'll see you on the field of battle sir...

  2. Yup, my mistake. 12 hours. Anyone else submitted their list?

  3. I thought the list is submitted on the day itself?

  4. Good luck guys....
    Please keep updating....I will be following very closely on the progress.
    And more photos.

  5. Looks like a purity seal competitor! Haha, Iqbal, we shall not help Khairul at all! We are Legion!!

    Haha, not that bad la. But I'm not bringing my airbrush and compressor since I hand paint my Orks.