Monday, February 8, 2010

Sweet dilemma

Wow its been a month since my last post. Work and personal life has been quite hectic. Excuses i know. Which is why now i have more appreciations for all of you who regularly update your blogs. My hats off guys.


My wife wanted to get me something for the new year. The amount is good enough for me to either get :

or ....

First choice is the Aero Imperialis book deal from FW. For around RM270 not including tax and post i could get 2 books. The rulebook and expansion. Each book is around 180 pages of pure goodness in their Imperial Armour books standard. Being a collector of books, my heart is heading in this direction. To complete the order, my purchase would include ;

A pair of Thunderbolts to be completed in the Apostles all white color scheme, and

Three Hellblades for the bad guys.

Both cost around RM40 each so is well within my budget. This should be good enough for me to start a game going.

Second option is Battlefleet Gothic. I've already downloaded all that can be downloaded from the GW site and the reading and rules are very interesting. If i go for this option then i could spend all that dineros on models. And BFG ships don't come cheap. I could get quite a collection of ships for the same cost of the Aero books. As much as I would like to start an Eldar fleet, I'm thinking of Imperial. More choices and better looking vessel.

A few things i'm considering.

1. I will be in bangkok soon so perhaps i should wait and observe the hobby scene there before making a decision to start collecting a new game. That fund could be used to get more 40k stuff or even start a fantasy army!

2. But i do want the Aero books. There's one thing more i like than getting new models. Its reading new rulebooks. Esp when the subject matter combines my love for aircombat and 40k. Plus both books will definitely be gorgeously printed with full color pics, schematics, drawings etc. Good to have on the collection shelf.

3. I've printed all available free materials for BFG and after binding everything up...i ended with 5 binded books which kept me very happy for a few weeks. Am still going through the rules even now. One more excuse for not updating my blog. This is where Azlan comes in with an offer to bring his BFG models for a demo. Making our already hectic hobby schedule more mind boggling.

Kindred, Iron painter, next League (?), Sporecon, Legio, what a year this will be!!

What would really help me is if some of you are interested to start either Aero or BFG.

What say you???


  1. From a purely selfish standpoint, I would say BFG, as I know it's a brilliant game and I just need to find kaki to play. But it really sounds like you really want the AI books. So I would say, go for the AI books, though I really don't know if we can get some games going

  2. @Doc- unfortunately i can only get choose one option. I really don't want to fall into the trap of buying out of desire. Azlan made a good comment on if there'll be players.

    @Lan- a demo after Kindred perhaps?

  3. I'm in 100% for BFG if there's someone to play against. Once I get my Iron Painter guys assembled and Kindred models painted, I'll dive into the Chaos Fleet of Daemon Prince Eulikules!

  4. I wouldn't mind building a 2000pt Battlefleet Brandenburg after Kindred, as yet another distraction from the AirCav

  5. go for the aero books if your heart is in it. however IMHO, you have a better chance for BFG to be played by the 40k nuts around

  6. Yeah, BFG would be the better choice in terms of playing games. And i heard postal and tax for FW is quite high.

  7. your point #1: funds to start a fantasy army?
    shouldn't it supposed to be 'funds to complete my fantasy army' ??

    my vote: BFG

  8. BFG bro, u can play with me when u in bangkok, hehe, hey probably we can start a trend there..

  9. Errrr i dont want to play with u...

    I dont mind playing BFG with u though. Bangkok you must be very clear ma :0 heheheh