Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Achtung baby !!

'Hauptmann Khairul!!!'

Ja Hans.

Our scouts have detected vat they believe to be a british force 10 klicks from our position.


Ja! They vere singing a red devils song vhile having tea and crumpets. Must be a force from Man United.

Man United!! Ja....i hate zat team. Alert all officers. Have them meet me now. Ve vill kill eveyone of these red devils while they are having their tea.

Heil Hitler!!!

Heil Hitler!!!!!!

It's been a while since i played FOW. In all honesty, i had already quit the game due to lack of interest and the fact that i was enjoying 40k so much. So it came as a rather nice surprise that Azlan invited me t0 have a game with him this friday hobby night.

After searching high and low then dusting everything off, this is what's left of my once proud panzergrenadier army that's fully painted. As is normal there are still some left in blisters and boxes waiting for their turn to be painted.

Mid-war Tiger E.
This was my very first FOW model. First for most too i would reckon. It is a Tiger after all.

I started FOW during mid-war hence the desert color scheme.
Not bad for first try me thinks.

Later war 3 green scheme.
My second Tiger. Not completed. Interest died down. I'll try to finish it now.

Panther D.
First panther. The other 2 still in all black prime scheme :)

Recon vehicle Sd Kfz 231 (8-Rad) in mid war 2 color european scheme. These are very nice models.

Lets hope i can do them justice at this week's Hobby Night against Azlan's British company.

Glory to the Third Reich !!!!


  1. Yes, it looks there's going to be a rather nice party coming up. For King and country!

  2. I was planning to start an all Indian British army with Punjabi Regiment,last year,but I saw that there were no more FOW players. But if there are anyone out there to run me through the rules, maybe I will pick it up, soon. Maybe a Demo game soon,eh?

  3. It'll be my honor doc. We'll do a switch on the 15th. Fantasy then FOW. Punjabi reg would be very very interesting. Just make sure they don't start a union and demand better paintjob from you :D

  4. lol ... actually doc, there are few FoW players in Legio. Off the top of my head - khairul, arzmi, jeff, iz, myself ... not counting saleem, shazli ... and i believe wolf still has the punjabi infantry blisters!

  5. Yup...last I saw, it was still there.
    I will assemble it and bring it unpainted on the 15th, that is if it is still there.
    Maybe some Brit tanks too.

  6. Jolly good :D

    Some cha too if you can pl...

  7. Bro your photo shots have improved tremendously...I wish my photos comes up this well during my shots.

  8. Thanks doc. Courtesy of a digital camera recently bought hehehe. Makes taking pics a lot easier.

  9. I only just saw this update! Very cool looking Tiger- you definitely need to hook me up with some pointers dude...

  10. Sorry guys, life has been hectic at the moment. Cant seem to find inspiration to write. But soon. Promise you that.