Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Warp Spiders are done - Thank you Gameforge Penang

Finally, my spiders are all fully painted!! Got these as a gift from my brother way back in December 2008 and the best they got were a white prime in preparation for this year's Legio Iron Painter. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned and they went straight into the box of 'To-Do' Projects = Warpbox = probably never get done.

That is until Gameforge announced the combat patrol tournament to be held this Saturday, 20th. So thank you Gameforge for indirectly forcing me to paint the spiders.

Not the best of paintjob i admit but they're not too shabby either. I hope they'll do better during the tourney. Luckily, the standard spiders colors are similar to the Saim-Hann scheme so there wasn't much for me to change as compared to my avengers and dragons.

I'm really looking forward to this road trip. Arzmi, Iqbal, Jeff and me to a 40k tourney. A hobby shop which will definitely have GW merchandise. Play combat patrol scenarios. Meet other hobbyist.



  1. "...not the best paintjob..."

    for all I know, it makes my army look like crap..then again, you're a Golden Kris winner though..

  2. Those troops are TIGHT! :) Looking forward to this- only three days left!

  3. Beautifully painted models.
    Can't wait to see them.
    What time are you all leaving KL?

  4. Doc, we're leaving shah alam at 7. Targeting to reach Penang at 12. Plan is to meet up with Joe at Gameforge, grab a quick lunch then on to the main event. We leave for Shah Alam immediately after the tourney.

  5. nice and clean ... looking forward to seeing them tomorrow