Friday, March 26, 2010

Battlefleet Vigilance : Part 2

Now that we've built our vessel we need to paint it. I admit i'm a sucker for GW standard paint schemes. They're usually very nice schemes, easily identifiable to other players, as a painter you already know how it will turn out into plus you don't have to crack your head thinking one up. I know it's the lazy way out but i do love owning models which looks nice and people can easily relate to. Hence the Saim-Hann scheme for my eldar. The Wow Factor in a sense.

Thus for Battlefleet Vigilance led by Solar Admiral Karl Donitz, we will wear the Gothic segmentum approved paint scheme.

Start with a basecoat of black for the hull and fortress grey for the prow. All this is using airbrush.

Next paint the prow skull white. I did around 5 layers to get really white color as i want the prow to be the highlight point of vessels.

Then it's drybrushing snot green on the hull. This is the first time that i've actually tried drybrushing on a large scale and i must say that it's very easy. Very quick to do the whole model and results looks great.

From this i went to the prow. To achieve good gold trimming i laid down a layer of vomit brown before applying shining gold. Drybrush the engines boltgun metal and a few other parts and we're done.

"Weapons officer, Give me firing solutions"


  1. Those looked awesome on the tabletop. I think Soo Jin is going to be able to paint the table this Friday, so cross your fingers! :)

  2. Thanks dude. We need to give Soo Jin some incentive to come. Dinner perhaps?

  3. Nice work. That's the Archon Kort, yes? I recognize the launch bays. We will get you the next time! And yes, maybe we should fill Soo Jin up with some lamb shanks or something