Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Battlefleet Vigilance : Part 3 @ i need to buy a good camera

I had wanted to wait till i got really good clear pictures of my vessels before posting it but a very close friend offered some sound and sage advise. So until i do manage to get better pictures, hopefully with me being able to purchase a better digi camera, here are some of my work in progress pictures. Some are not the final finish. Hopefully i can post them up by this weekend.

The vessel that i'm second most proud of - the Ibnu Saladin. I am just so proud of the name i've given to it. I just love the sound of it and its proud noble bearing. Ibnu Saladin. My converted emperor class battleship, which will also be my flagship. Since this pic, i've painted blue lines on the ordnance bays to give it a bit of flavour.

Some vessels flying in formation, showing off Legio's super awesome bfg table painted by the talented Mr. Lim Soo Jinn.

And finally, Firestorm escort class Elineyes Squadron navigating through some dangerous asteroid fields. Don't you just love those cool bases!!!

Ave Legio.


  1. Your fleet looks fantastic. I'm literally painting now- just taking a break and waiting for the "dirty down" wash of Devlan Mud to dry before continuing. Tonight I'll complete the remainder of my capital ships as well as a squadron of 3 Iconoclast raiders. Tomorrow all I'll have to do is my squadron of 5 Idolotors and my fleet will be done :)

    Nice pics and gorgeous fleet- glory to the Ibnu Saladin!!!

  2. Thanks man :)

    I'm also painting now. Putting some small touches here and there to make each vessel look a bit different from each other while maintaining the gothic sector color scheme.

    You guys are gonna love my aircraft carriers.

  3. I can help you take pics of your fleet with my camera, just say the word bro.

    By the way, my hands are really itching to paint the fleet that were never there. There were some issues regarding the shipping of my fleet. And looking at all the fantastic fleet painted really makes me envious.

  4. @Vuel- Next time order the stuff from GW direct, dude. That's the fastest possible way to get it.

    @Khairul- Aircraft carriers? I don't have to worry about those, since we're not fighting in an atmosphere... ;)

  5. @Iqbal- thanks for the offer. Would really appreciate if you could bring it tomorrow and help take some nice shots of my ships. Drinks on me later.

    Ouch on your stuff getting delayed. Agree with Jeff that sometimes direct is best. Esp when you're utterly craving for it :), like we were hehehe

    @Jeff- you know what i mean:) For that insolence, the mighty Imperial Navy shall grant you know quarters in the upcoming battle. Prepare to meet your doom!!!

  6. @iqbal .... where did you order your ships?

    Anyways, the Redoubtable is now ready for battle (still need to spray varnish it, but that can wait), as is the Fearless (another dominator), which brings my fleet strength to >2k pts ... tomorrow!

  7. @azlan: via Hobbyforge..

    @jeff: a lesson learnt well..

    @khairul: I'll bring my camera tomorrow..

    this hype on starting an Eldar fleet and the excitement of waiting for it to arrive got me started to a new started from a fusion pistol Harlequin, then moved on to a kiss Harlequin, and to another, and another, and later a Farseer..from the looks of things, it could be my third 40K army will not be the Chaos Daemons after all..

  8. Looking forward to seeing the Redoubtable. Battleships on the table will be a glorious sight to behold.

  9. @Iqbal- i assure you that eldar would be a fun/challenging army to play. And once you get the hang of things, we are deadly.

    Plus the model range are very nice to paint.

    Just you wait for the new codex to come out :)Still a long time to go but you know its going to make the eldar even more deadlier.

  10. @Iqbal- I'd love it if you'd take some nice shots of my fleet as well. I need to do a nice spread on my blog :)

  11. Thanks bro. You really should have a go at bfg. You'll love it :)

  12. Wow, not bad. Now u're really into painting with such precision.good job!! The KAI!!