Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Craftworld Saim-Hann

The next project on the 'yet to be bought' hobby table are these craftworld eldar vessels. Its a 2K list with 3 dragonships, 5 wraithships n 8 shadowhunters. These are amazing models and captures the eldar look very nicely in my opinion. Of course i'm going to have it done in Saim-hann colours.

The dragonship is slightly larger than the wraithship but has only 1 sail on top.

The wraithship has 2 sails, 1 on top and another ant the bottom. Looks nicer me thinks.

The casting quality by GW is actually quite good. I do hope i can do them justice. Will be my entry for Legio's birthday bash and also for the gothicomp.


  1. This fleet is going to look AWESOME! Keep it up dude, and keep blogging!

  2. I thought you're gonna keep this fleet a secret?..couldn't resist the temptation of show-and-tell, do you?

    anyway, it's nice to hear from you again..you've been away way too long bro..

  3. this is going t come out real nice... i can bet on it. considering khairul skill.

  4. more shiny metals to be plundered (and panzies heads to be plucked)....Waaaaargghh!:)

  5. Hey bro, why don't you plan a small tourney there in Bangkok? Maybe around end August or beginning of Sept....I can gather a few boys from here and head on there. That will be great wouldn't it?
    Peace in Bangkok remains elusive....There will be only war.

  6. Thanks guys for the support esp you Jeff for the push. Owe you one. Need to get some white lights then i'm good to go.