Sunday, October 17, 2010

2nd Space Marine

Still not in the mood to paint lizzies so another marine to pass the time and occupy my nites. Decided on White Scars this time. I've always like the white and red color scheme of the 3rd company. I've had an eye on having a scars 3rd company force led by kor'sarro for some time now but i need to finish my lizardmen first. So if do decide on this, it'll be a 2011 project. In the meantime, here's the first brother of the next Wild Host.

Can you guess my 3rd marine :)


  1. Nice to see a well painted White Scars marine... well done!

  2. nice job ... in fact really nice ... you got this clean look going very nicely. Works well for marines and eldar.

    your next one will be neither white scars no DA? lol

  3. Thanks guys.

    Azlan, am sure after reading the Wolf of the Plains i'll be making white scars my sm chapter. I still have 4 black library books yet to be read though. But i'll make sure i get those books. Have the 3rd book come out yet? Only saw 1 n 2 yesterday.

  4. Jing lor.... mai suay na krap....
    ok na....nidnoi suai :P
    Korp khun mak krap khun Faizal.

  5. Khairul join the Sons of the Emperor bro....all other chapters are corrupt.

  6. do i do that bro? Do i need to register with the local government? Drink blood?

    So let me get this straight....there are :

    1. Traitorous marines (known also as chaos marines);
    2. Corrupted marines ( so called loyalist, now deluded marines by yr accounts);
    3. true marines (sons of the emperor n maybe alpha)...who "believe" they are fighting the true cause.

    Are there more divisions? i just want to keep my options open. Are there any 'sit on the fence' marines? Maybe peaceful marines?

  7. oh noes! another marine player!!!

    but dang, that is nicely painted! but no, not another marine player! but still nice paint job! oh no, i am conflicted!

  8. hahaa thanks Dann. But u would be able to paint nicer looking marines bro!!! Come join the struggle against the xenos, heretics, traitors and deluded!!!

    For the emporer!!!

    Crimson fist Dann ;)

  9. When I start a SM army, it will be an army of White Scars.....that what I thought till I saw your blog. I was breathing easily when I saw your earlier post that indicated that your SM army was from the Salamander Chapter...but now it has a very beautifully painted W.Scars.

    I will be back from 18th Nov till 8th Dec....ya, knowing my arse luck, just after the Legio tourney. *Sucks*. You'll be around?

  10. Hey Doc, i've not actually decided to paint a W Scars chapter. Just wanted to paint all the founding chapters for the fun of it. But i admit that W scars is at the top of the list. Followed by imperial fist, crimson fists and blood angels.

    BTW my first painted SM is a Dark Angel not Salamanders. As far as i know, no one has a DA chapter yet. Ok, Azlan is Ravenwing but not actual DA. Jeff has a beatifully painted Salamanders.

    I understand your desire to have a chapter no one else has done so its a battle of whose the quickest Doc :)

  11. Adoi! I have loads of skaven to paint, then gotta grab my babies, Dark Eldars from Alvin and paint them. I will have to hold on to the SM project till next year, just like you.
    Somehow I gotta a feeling that both of us are not going to do Crimson Fist, that's for sure.
    I always do things differently. Even my colouring of the Orks did not follow any of their klans colour scheme. Mine was a little known Klan known as Klan of the Purple 'arts and had a lots of purple colour on them.
    And when I start my SM it is going to be different from others...for sure.

  12. to the inquisition all marines apart from our own grey knights are considered lesser marines. even in fluff-wise grey knights are slightly bigger than normal marines due to the 'so-thought-off' geneseed from the emperor himself.

    rumor has it that the new grey knights models coming early next year will be slightly larger scaled than normal marines. this however, have been unanimously disagreed by all other marine players.