Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Brothers 3

Actually i wanted to paint a wolves as my 3rd marine but the models i had just didn't have that feral wolves look. And i must admit that the wolves are probably my least (very least actually) favorite chapter. Only because i don't quite like the fluff of a SM chapter being ....wild and undisciplined. SM, in my humble opinion, being genetically altered superhumans should be the shining example of what the next potential evolution of man could be. Not some long haired barbarian...'Me Grimlock, me come from harsh world, me fearless, me eat u for breakfast!!!' (Syameal, Faizal and a few others will just screw me for this!!! hahaha.) To each his own guys :)

Which is why its only right that i paint the most honorable of all the SM chapters: The noble Ultramarines!!! ( You're most welcome Shazli.)
Without further ado, i present Brother Tertius.

Now as much as i would love to paint an Imperial Fist, i think i should start back with my Lizardmen. The marines have been a very nice distraction. So would the new dark eldars....hmmmm and my saim-hann craftworld BFG....

Later guys. Korp khun na krap!!


  1. Hahaha, don't really matter bro..only we got the brains, the looks, we counter attack and we look better at night..rather than be your typical, stuck up, nerdy Space Marine

  2. @khairul: you've forgotten one more small detail about SW..have you read the 40K forums lately?..apparently all of the SW players so far are twilight-lovers..

  3. Jing lor!!! = Really!!!

    U mean under all that long messy hair(which only they think makes them look macho), long fangs, ugly snarls, wolf pelts and 'tangkal's...all M'sian SW players are flower smelling, tree hugging, romance movie watching, 'i'm a lover not a fighter' type of guy???

    @Vuel- betul la kot. See Faizal's comments about 'the looks' :P

    I rest my case.

    All in fun guys!!! hahahahaha

  4. twilight lover? what the hell??!!, I dunno what u guys been discussing in the forums, but i feel sorry for the affected SW players, hehe looks meaning 'ganas' look laaa..aparaaaa! hehe..

  5. Thw forums have gotten scary lately lol... flee! ;)

  6. yes, and i guess the slaanesh icon for brother faizal of fenris makes it even more convincing, no? ... lol

  7. Trust Faizal to always get his icons wrong :P