Monday, July 26, 2010

The Sauruses

I've started with my saurus warriors. As mentioned i have 40 saurus. Which will be grouped into 2 blocks. 1 block will be led by a scar veteran. I've never painted 40 models at a go and the task does look....overwhelming. Afraid of falling into the mindset of just getting it done quickly and sacrificing on painting quality. Ooh well, my experience in production line should be of good help here.

1. The 40 saurus.

2. I spray painted them ice blue. Although air-brushing them saved me a lot of time, spraying 41 models took quite some time.

3. I then gave them a wash of asurmen blue. Asurmen?? Isn't he an eldar? Hehehhe

Close up of the scar veteran.

And in between the spraying and washing, i managed to assemble the stegadon. Its a really nice model. Iz advised me to get another one. I think maybe i will ;) The skink and saurus are there just to show the size. I stuffed the stegadon with clay so it has some weight to it.


  1. Cool dude! Please keep posting, and keep us all updated with your progress... :)

  2. Thanks for the push and support always man :)
    Truly appreciate it.

  3. That Stegadon model is really nice.
    Can't wait to see it painted :)

  4. oooh nice ... i'll post some pics of my O&G in progress after hobby nite

  5. Stegadon looks awesome man....glad you have finally joined fantasy. Where is you Slann-mage?