Thursday, August 19, 2010

Progress has been really slow

What can i say...i've been occupied with other things for the past few weeks. Most notably the books that i've been collecting. I've been spending more time reading than painting. The last game i had was during Legio's birthday bash.

As you can see, there's still a lot left to paint before this army is ready for the battlefields. The positive is that the majority of my army is assembled. That's at least worth something huh..
I do still have a box and some loose cold one riders and need to get another skinks box which i intend to convert to chameleons. Way much affordable than buying the metal ones.

The big question now is do i wait and finish painting everything before i debut them or just play them unpainted to learn the rules?? I've never ever played fantasy so the 2nd option sounds smart. But i do have something against playing unpainted models. I'll just be frank...i wouldn't feel good putting unpainted models on the table. I wonder where i got this from....hmmmmm.

My previous target was end of september to get them fully painted but already i'm 2 weeks behind. Time to walk the talk!!


  1. Dude even if it's one model at a time (gasp!), some progress painting is better than none. ZGood work thus far- stay motivated and keep it up!

  2. Just hit the brushes man! And go ahead and learn the rules anyways ... nice shot

  3. go and play...learn da rules and keep paintin'

  4. Never played Fantasy? Are you kidding?
    Nevermind....the new rules kick-ass bro. Just follow the insructions on the rulebook, they made it very simple and made no reference to the old rules. Therefore, making it simple for beginners.
    Also, look at the FAQs on the website to update your army Codex.