Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Counters

Ever since i started playing my eldar army i knew i had to devise a system of tracking the psychic powers i was throwing around. Being spoiled with using 2 farseers in my list, 1 of them being Eldrad, i was throwing a maximum of 5 psychic powers per turn. Some powers like fortune and doom lasts for 1 round so keeping track of which units were affected was helpful to both my opponent and me. Plus it's a good control method to stop me from casting more powers than i'm allowed heheheh.

After much thought, i came up with counters. I used our Malaysian 1 cent coins which i had and still have in abundance. How come i have so many 1 cent coins??? Its quite simple to make actually and very cheap. But most was effective.

From left to right, top to bottom.

1. Wash the coin clean.

2. Base with fotress grey.

3. Color with blood red.

4. Make the saim-hann stripes

5. Varnish with humbrol semi-gloss varnish. You'll notice that the red turns a darker red.

6. Paint the required psychic power initials with skull white.

VIOLA!!!! Super cheap counters done super quickly!!! I usually have a couple of them on standby in case i need more.

To show the powers of each warlock. D = destructor, En = enhance and Em = emboldenn.

Quiz : Dire avengers bladestorming with fortune and guided.

Chaos termies are doomed.

Will the termies survive?


  1. Ya ya ya... I remember those fortune and doom thingy you bully us with.
    But do you remember the Crucible of Malediction?

  2. Aiyoo how can i forget. They should ban those la doc. LOL When you coming back? Need some advise on DE. Am undecided on which army to start for my 2nd.

  3. @doc: newsflash, he's thinking of the Dark Eldars as his second army..

  4. @ Kahirul- Wait for the new codex. I am thinking of sellin my orks and starting an IG army, No place to store new army. Furthermore my armies are baddies, and I need to start a good guy's army. DKOK is the word.

    @Vuel-DE is not a bad choice but with their cardboard armour, it takes only one mistake and the whole army collapses. On ethe plus side....Dark lances, cheap and deadly. Knocks of tanks like flies.

  5. Nice tokens, and nice writeup. Keep up the hobby posting!

    BTW, I can't give you that DE list you asked for without a copy of the codex. If you have one handy bring it with you next Hobby Night...

  6. the termies will survive ... unless I roll their armor saves

  7. LOL lan. I would think at least 2/7 termie would survive. Then its bye bye avengers.

  8. haha...nice counters n a bit annoying i can say..with the counters here n there,,n the most annoying is D counters....hahaha :P

  9. For you bro, the pic should be 3 war walkers, all with scatter lasers, with G n yr bird demon with D. OOOOO very very nice!!! Heheheh

  10. @Doc: Yeahhh..Welcome to the IG family.