Monday, November 23, 2009


My first knowledge that there were tiny magnets for hobby use was when i was introduced to a miniature air combat game called Airwar C21 by Scott over at Wolf's. He had these really nice 1/600 scale aircrafts which were affixed to small GW flying bases. I thought they were so cool. The magnets were small and stuck to each other very well.

So i bought some magnets to start my own Airwar C21 game but found the best use for them being on my jetbike seer council and guardians. And i've never looked back. These magnets are fantastic. Being so small in size(3mm x 1.5mm), there is no limit to their uses.
I got mine from at around 34 cents a piece. Also got the aircraft decals from him. Nice guy and no shipment problems.

The clicking sound when i attach my councils to their bases is pure heaven. Its like hearing a harlequin concerto. Which none of you guys could probably understand...right Dann? hehehe

The sound as i detach them cause they got killed however isn't nice. So i would really really appreciate it if you guys show them some love when you next see them on the table. They're just eye candy and isn't really much of a threat. That's why i need to fortune them up every turn and turbo boost whenever i can.
I love you guys. My singing spears will show you just how much next time we meet.

One magnet on the flying base.

One underneath the jetbike.

Viola!!! Farseer on a jetbike. Heads will fall!!!

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