Monday, November 16, 2009

Legio Inquisition Wars

It was an awesome event!!! I had so much fun. Where do i even begin...

1. My army preparation was as well as it could be. I'm happy that everything was completed well before the tourney date. This will be my number 1 principle for all future tourneys that i enter.
'Complete painting 1 week before tourney date'.

2. Tourney organization - EXCELLENT!!! We got a t-shirt and a TAC ruler upon registering. Tables were awesome. I loved the city table best and was hoping to get a game there but wasn't destined to. Scenarios were modified 40k but i esp loved the 2 game scenario were we had the every turn exploding warp stones that we had to contest. That was a very nice twist.

3. Players were very nice. Atmosphere was friendly.

My 1st game was against eventual Tourney Champion, Lim Soo Jin. You would not believe how good his army is painted. Most guys commented on the freehand painting that he did on his landraider but to me...the best was his converted attack jetbike. Those 3 models are .....unbelievable!!! It is so so nicely done and painted. Being a Saim-Hann player who uses a jetbike council, i am humbled by his rendition of the space marine att bike on gravs. You have to see it to believe it. Back to work on my jetbikes..... I lost this game.

My 2nd opponent was eventual Tourney Best Sportsman, Ang Hongxi from Singapore. He played a choas IG army, the 1st for me. The scenario had a special twist whereby D3 +3 warp stones/objectives counter would explode every turn with no cover saves allowed. I had so much fun in this game from the exploding warp stones. The element of having to contest an unstable objective is genius. Ang was a pleasure to play against and truly deserves the best sportsman award. We even traded numbers afterwards for Sporecon next year. I won this game.

My 3rd game was against Abdul Kadir. Kill point game. By this time my feet were already aching due to amount of time i spent standing up. This was a see-saw battle which had me having the upper hand early but was eventually over-ran by his superior CC units. Highlight of this game came after when i shared with Kadir a trick us golfers use to handle the Mrs after spending a day away from home rolling dice. I hope you tried the trick bro hehehehe. I lost this game.

I ended in 14th out of 24 players. My points were 27 victory points, 9 for appearance and 5 for sportsman. Although i'm humbled by my appearance score, it was ouch for sportsman. But still 5 out of a possible 9 is considered average. I will definately work hard on this aspect of my gaming.

4. Lessons learnt.

My 1 regret during the tourney was not finding the time to take pics. I was so involved in my games that i failed to actually make time to take pics. My fault entirely. This i will rectify for the next.

Wear comfortable shoes. You'll be standing a lot during the games and by the 3rd game my feet were already starting to ache and i had minor cramps that nite.

5. Army composition. I liked the way my list played. It was fun and mobile. The seer council was a joy to play and became a fire magnet every turn...i honestly don't know why??DA's are not good in CC even with the exarch having powerweapon, shimmershield and defend. Fire prisms didnt do to well. I'm thinking of changing them to more council and walkers or banshees..

Overall it was an amazing day. My heartiest appreciation and congratulations to Jeff and Azlan for organizing this tourney. Well done guys!!!


  1. Great to note that you guys had alot of fun.
    Also thanks for the tips. I am stuck in this ship and just touching up my DEs. They are going to be painted based on their units. No serious painting yet till my first salary. No dough, no toys.
    One question...what do you tell the Mrs. when you guys go rolling dice all day...I never tried any tricks yet, so I don't know it.

  2. cakap la ape trick die? aku pon main golf jugak!

  3. In golf tourneys there's usually a lot of prizes given out. Top 20 players, longest drive, nearest to pin, lucky draws etc. The bottom half prizes are usually medium price electrical appliances.

    So i told Kadir to buy somethg that his wife or his house might need. Say an iron, toaster, small rice cooker then get it wrapped and say he won it for coming in 4th or 5th or even lucky draw.

    Ask wife to open. Say somethg abt why not models ke or paints. Wife happy and smiling. Wife lets you go play again next week. hehehehe

  4. Haa haa haa....don't tell you guys actually do this everytime you guys come home late from gaming?

  5. Not me la!! But have u noticed that some of our members have trouble getting excuse to play?? heheheh lol guys

  6. That trick is hilarious...!

    Glad you enjoyed yourself, dude. Be sure to come to Hobby Night this week for the club meeting. We need to organize who/what/when the next event will be...

  7. glad you had a good time! the thing about the pics - from my experience with tourneys, the best time to take pics is when they do the judging for appearance. All the armies are laid out nicely and you just go table to table with your camera. Just be sure you put away some food for yourself if the judging is during lunch. Other good opportunities for picture taking if you're playing in a tourney is before and after the tourney. During the tourney, you WILL be too busy at your table. If your game finishes early and you get time to roam and take pictures, that's a bonus

  8. Khairul.. Thanks for the tips hahaha!

    But as i was driving home, my wife called me and from her tone i know straight away that no goodies can calm her down lah. So i just drove home as fast as i can and submit myself to her judgement.

    About our game, it was supposed to be your game and we both know that. Somehow, either by mistakes or by choice, you came to me and everything changes. It was a fun game.

  9. Ouch on the missus...

    Bro, it was not by mistake or choice but by Saim-hann BLOODLUST!!!! Hehehehehe. It would've been boring if i just stayed in my corner and continued to shoot you from afar.

    It was your game and it was fun. Teach me that Dire Avengers, even with exarch having power weapon and shimmershield is not meant for close combat....duh!!!

    And that is why my next army will be CC themed. Similar to last'll be a secret project untul revealed.