Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Aircraft modeling

My first hobby was aircraft modeling. Built a few tanks, cars and planes when i was a kid. But really started to get serius with the hobby around 1997. We bought an apartment and i had a room all to myself. That room became my first hobby room. I've since been blessed to have another 2 hobby rooms. The one that i have now is definately the best.

I invested in an airbrush set and bought a lot of aircraft models. Today i have around 5-6 big boxes of unassembled aircraft in 1/72 scale (around 100 kits). Don't know if they will ever get done. I have a mixture of WW2 and modern fighters with some bombers.

This Su-34 playtpus in Bort 349 scheme was my first entry in a competition. It was held at Jakarta in 2001. I was based there at the time. I managed to get 3rd placing in the 1/72 modern jet category.

This F-14 in navy topgun aggessor squadron was my entry in 2002, also for the Jakarta held competition. And for the 2nd year in a row, i got 3rd placing in the 1/72 modern jet category.Competition was fierce so i guess 3rd placing is better than nothing.

The practice and skills that i got from airbrushing and building all those airplanes will later be helpful when i got into wargaming.


  1. Wow.. you have such a long history in this hobby. I was still doing SPM when you were in Jakarta.

    No wonder your Eldar cun giler..

  2. Yup, have been aircraft modeling for a long time but now its 40k all the way. Have so many planes that will be left unassembled. Will try to get my sons to be interested in them.