Monday, November 9, 2009

Craftworld Altansar

After reading the codex i decided on Altansar. 1st i didn't want to start a major craftworld and 2nd i love the P3 sanguine highlight color. Warmachine was my first miniature game and i collected a Protectorate army. It fit into the Altansar color so that was it.

The problem with Altansar was since it was a minor craftworld, no decals were provided in the decal sheet. So most of my skimmers were quite bland and i'll be honest with was plain and boring.

My Altansar wave serpent. Sanguine doesnt look so nice over a large model. Or perhaps i didnt know how to make it stand out. This skimmer has since been colored to a more eye-catching paint scheme. More on that later.


  1. That was a real shame you had to cannibalize your Altansar to complete the Saim-Hann army. I really liked your Altansar Craftworld force-it's seldom seen on the tabletop.

    If you ever decide to do it again, try using these decals courtesy of Bell of Lost Souls...

    Great to see you blogging dude- keep it up!

  2. Thanks jeff.Yeah i liked the fluff behind Altansar but my choice of color was wrong. Made it looked to dull. Still have my walkers in that color and i dont think i'll change that.

    Thanks for the link to the decals.