Saturday, November 7, 2009

The first post is for Mr. Awesome aka Jeff Brooks

This one's to you Jeff. Thanks for setting up the blog and giving me the rundown on how its done.

What can I say about Jeff that hasnt been said before...super cool guy, masterclass painter(i'm still praying that he gives me one of his superbly painted army for my birthday next year...he's that nice a guy lol!!!) and the guy who made it possible for us to meet every friday nite. Cheers to you bro.
(Jeff and me a long time ago)


  1. Wah wah, you should learn to pimp up your blog! So you can enjoy the maximum benefits of different providers and programs.

  2. Lol dude no problem. You're a great member of the community here, and it's about time you started posting up your exploits! :)

  3. linked your blog from mine bro!