Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Khairul 2.0 Craftworld Saim-Hann

I decided to change craftworld around March this year. The main reason was because i was unhappy with the color scheme and painting standard of my Altansar. This time i decided on one of the major craftworld only to be able to use the decals provided. It finally came down to Ulthwe or Saim-Hann. Beil-Tan and Alaitoc were already represent in our gaming community and i wasnt too keen on Iyanden color scheme.

Ulthwe because i wanted to use Eldrad. Saim-Hann because of the jetbikes. I had decided i wanted to start a jetseer council so the red and black of Saim-Hann would really strike out compared to Ulthwe's black. Plus making those stripes using an airbrush would be both easy, quick and produce a clean neat finish. So Saim-Hann it was. Looking back, i'm glad i choose Saim-Hann. The stripes turned out beautiful and blood red was perfect after a spray of semi-gloss varnish

1750 The Storm Riders

Farseer Khairul (count as Eldrad).

Farseer on jetbike - jetbike, fortune, spear.
This was a shining spear exarch model. I cut the helmet side wing tips and glued one at the back to turn him into a farseer. His right arm comes from a banshee exarh model to represent a singing spear. The cowl for all the council is black, the opposite of guardian jetbikes. And I painted gold stripes to differ him from the warlock jetbike council.

Jetbike council - 5 warlocks; jetbikes, 2 destructor, 2 embolden, 1 enhance, 5 spears.
All are shining spear models painted in Saim-Hann colors. The right arms are from dire avenger exarch power weapon arms. Again to represent singing spears. Cowl is black with red stripes.

Dire Avenger (10 inc an Exarch).
Exarch has power weapon and shimmershield, defend.

Dire Avengers squad B (5 avengers).

Guardian jetbike squad (6 guardians).
2 with shuriken cannons.

Fire dragons (6 dragons).

Wave serpent - transport for farseer & DA squad A.
Stones, brightlance.

Falcon A - transport for fire dragons.
Holofield, stones, brightlance.

Fire prism Blue.
Holofield, stones, shuriken cannon.

Fire prism Green.
Holofield, stones.

This will be my list for the Inquisition Wars tourney held at Legio this Saturday. It's quite fragile but so much fun to play. Except for the DA squad B, all elements are fast and meant to either shoot from far or zoom around.

Jetbike seercouncil has got to be the cream of my list. If my dice rolls are good then they're awesome. They're a fire magnet though and could die easily from concentrated fire.

I'm still tinkering around with this list and thinking about getting rid of a prism to get 1 or 2 more warlocks or maybe another squad of guardian jetbike.

Here's hoping my Storm Riders ride into the storm this saturday and come out triumphant!!!


  1. nicely done bro!! That Seer Councils sent shivers down my spine..I hope i don't meet u in the tourney!! lol

  2. more jetbikes, less fire prism bro..
    or if you wanna go the powergaming path, put in your war walker squadron?

  3. on second thought, check this out:

    should be beneficial for you..

  4. Really Great Army!!!

    Awesome playing with you. Really neat and clean paint job. Hope to have another game with you some time. :)

  5. Luckily no more walkers. I hate those damn things....flanking from nowhere and killing all my troops at 1 go.

  6. Nice blog spot- really cool spotlight on your army...

  7. Thanks guys.

    @faizal: esp for you bro..i will increase the number of warlocks in my council lol.

    @doc: and esp for you sir...i will bring back the walkers hehehehe

  8. Adoi...jangan la, bang.
    By the way, is Arzmi up for adoption?
    If so, I wanna adopt him as my brother.... maybe he can buy me a box of DE goodies.... hee hee hee.

    I am in the midst of revamping my DE list.
    It's got more fire power, deadlier too. So, I got only one thing to say....bring it on!

  9. Hey doc, where are you now? On a cruise ship? Bestnya!!! Sure lots of time for painting. Have fun bro.

  10. Very nice army and blog. Especially liked the tutorial on how you paint your tanks.

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