Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Next Army

After months of deliberation and many a teh tariks with my brother, i am happy to announce that i've finally decided on which army i will build as my 2nd. I've been having this huge itch to paint a new army ever since i completed my Saim-Hann. I'm still having loads of fun playing with my jetbike council but the need to paint is just too overwhelming.

I do not want to start another eldar, that just wouldn't be fun. But i was having a huge problem deciding on which army to start. The main cause of this was that i was always comparing each army's abilities to my beloved Eldar. None, in my opinion, could compare to the overall fluff and abilities of the Eldar. Let's not even talk about physic powers. I could never survive without fortune...

Therein lies my fault. And my salvation. Once i had gotten past the fact that every army was different and should be viewed and played differently, my choices became easier. I also decided that this time i wanted to build a theme army. Not one where i believed would stack up to the other armies being played out there.

Yes, i openly admit that my current Saim-Hann list is my perception of an Eldar power list which could go up against the best. Eldrad, jetbike seercouncil, 2 fire prisms. Is this powergaming? i'm not sure but having Eldard there sure isn't fluff. I should be ashamed of myself. But to be fair my playing skills are mediocre at best. Its a good list. I just don't have the skills to do it justice.

Well, all that will change with this new army. It will be built to fluff. It will be built for a single purpose only. It will not be built to be good in the 3 standard 40k scenarios but mark my words, it will be exiciting to play against! You will remember the time you played against this list.That much i promise you guys.

How serius am i about starting this new army? Well, i already have an elite squad assembled and ready to be primed tonight. As with my Saim-Hann, it will be a top secret project which you will only see on the table once everything is completed. I'm tartgeting end March 2010.

So who wants first dibs??

ps: to those in the know, i would appreciate your utmost discretion. Maggi goreng mamak and teh ais on me this Legio nite. LOL


  1. Dibs on the new army! I want to test out and see how great an army you are building.

    Not doubting your skills, but I want to be the first to experience and defeat or be defeated by it!

  2. Ok Alvin, you get first game. It would be my honour, Sir.

  3. let's see:

    Saim-Hann secret project: maybe 6 scatter laser war walkers?
    new army: quite easy really, it's only either [censored] or [censored]..those are the only 2 armies that he has been considering in the past few months..


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  5. For the next three months it is going to be...
    Mandi tak basah,
    Tidur tak lena,
    Makan tak kenyang,
    Kentut tak berbau.
    ....for all of us....I guess, till the army is revealed.

  6. i think i know the army khairul's starting. ok bro, maggie goreng mamak ngan teh ais sounds good..lol

  7. Bro, you need to whisper your guess into my ears only 1st. Then you 'might' get the maggi goreng hehehe.

  8. wait....I know the army....so I get my dinner!