Thursday, December 10, 2009

Caption this!!!

Alright gang, contest time. Best caption wins a secret prize courtesy of The Wild Host!

I'll start things going. All in good fun guys :).

"VROOM!! VRROOOMMM!!!! Move over old man!


  1. "Mat Rempit 41st millenium."

    Can I cap a few times? :D

  2. "Pull over. It's time to confiscate your jetbike."

  3. @alvin- yes u may sir. As many as you want!!!

  4. "Red ones go fasta!"


    Eldar to Sammael: Let's race out of this planet! (Knowing that Sammael can't breathe in outer space!)


    Sammael: I already said Legio was that way... But no... You had to take the right turn...

  5. Sammael sez:

    "Great day at the office buddy, but my house is that way. Catch ya later dude."

  6. Eldar: "Excuse me sir, where's your helmet?"
    Sammael got fined RM 300...

    Is it really RM 300 if you don't wear a helmet?

  7. Eldar to Sammael: Why do you have the manual instruction on your jetbike?

  8. Eldar: My world is made of Wraithbone constructs, it's that way...

    Sammael: What?? Your world's made of bones?

    Eldar: Shut up, your world is just a piece of rock!


  9. Manual instruction on jetbike is looking good so far. Nice one Iqbal :)

  10. From: The Offices of Azrael
    To: the heretical xenos cur whom owns this blog

    His Emperor's Adeptus Astartes Chapter of the Dark Angels do not take kindly to this insult. How dare you photoshopius our Lord Sammael so as to depict him side by side with one of your infidel xenos! This is clearly lies and deceit! We demand that you pull the site down or the wrath of the chapter will be upon you.

  11. Sammael: Hey xenos, don't get too close. You're going to cost me trouble.

  12. Ok guys. You need to beat the transmission from Azrael's office. Hehehe

  13. Sammel: Hey girl, wanna ride MY bike? ;)
    Eldar: I'm a guy... =__="
    Sammael: 0__0"

  14. @Alvin ... I'm sure that's a common mistake :)

  15. "Hey mon-keigh, mamak or old town coffee?"

  16. Pisang emas dibawa belayar,
    Masak sebijik di-atas peti,
    Hutang jetbike belum dibayar,
    Terpaksalah kita cabut lari.

  17. Hope caption in a Malay Pantun is accepted.


    That is the best so far!!!!!!!!!! Nice one doc!!

  19. Sammael: Compensating for something, Xenos?

    Eldar: What? That long barrel? No...I...(-_-')

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  21. Bro when is the dateline for this competition?

    More pantun for your entertainment(sorry Jeff)
    Limau lelang di tepi lobang,
    Petik benihnya di hujung dahan;
    Harimau garang duduk menyangkong,
    Kalau kau berani, lalu di depan.-Eldar

    Potongkan limau sedengan pisau,
    Pisau bernama pisau belati;
    Jangan harimau nak cakap besau,
    Harimau dah tua, tak ada gigi.-Sammael

    Pokok limau di tengan lalang,
    Kerengga hitam duduk menumpang,
    Jangan harimau nak tunjukkan belang,
    Nanti ku tunggu dengan senapang.-Eldar

    Limau purut bersegi-segi,
    Letakkan mari di dalam tangguk;
    Rimau tua tidak ada bergigi,
    Cobalah coba hulurkan tengkuk.-Sammael

    Tujuh petak tujuh penjuri,
    Bakar kemenyan di sudut laman;
    Kalau ada petua guru
    Harimau garang ku buat teman.-Eldar

    Sammael- kindred?
    Eldar- Yup...Kindred.

  22. Dateline is end dec. Wow doc, you are quite the poet!! Am speechless.... You sir are in the lead!

  23. Eldar: How that hunk of a metal floats, I'll never know. Must be that huge cape his wearing.

    Sammael: A little armor plating at the front, some additional exhausts at the back and lots of cover drapes, this 'Eldar Jetbike' looks Imperial I say. Now, got to cutoff that xenos head before he discovers everything.

  24. Eldar: I was air brushed, how bout you?

  25. Guys, only 2 days left to closing date for this contest.

    And just to entice you...Doc, you're in the lead. If there's no better entry come midnite 31st Dec then pl send my your t-shirt size. We're kindred after all :)