Saturday, December 12, 2009

Comics Mart supports Kindred

A very big shout out and heartiest appreciation to Comics Mart Midvalley and their wonderful manager Mr. William Phang for allowing me to have Legio's Kindred poster up at their fine establishment.

This is the first time Arzmi and me will be organising an event for Legio and Mr. William's kindness really strikes the heart. I didn't even have to pitch the idea to him when we met yesterday morning. Just a few basic details on the event and Mr. William was already holding our poster and finding a suitable place to put it up. What can i say?? Awesome guy!!! I really appreciate his support.

So if you're ever at Midvalley please do drop by at Comics Mart. They're on the top floor near the Food Court. You can't miss it. Our poster is up and we've also given them a copy of the Kindred Rulespack for you to browse.

They're currently having a big Christmas sale with discounts all around!!! Drop by and their friendly staff will be more than happy to help you. Bring lots of cash. Their current stock is very good. Need some new stuffs for Iron Painter or Kindred, or just to add some new spice to your existing army...Comics Mart Midvalley is where you want to go :)

Thank you again Mr. William and all the staff of Comics Mart Midvalley for your support. You guys are great!

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  1. So, we already have support from Roll Some Dice & Comics Mart. Well done!