Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Legio League 3 Results

The official results are out.

League 3 Champion : Warboss Iskazri

Best Sportsman : Lord Azlan of the Ravenwing

League Fanatic : Lord Alvin of the Alpha Legion

Marksman Award : The Wild Host!!!

Best Appearance : The Wild Host!!!

We managed to get 2 awards. How awesome is that!!!

At the begining of the League we were trying to go for the League Fanatic but just couldn't keep up with the Alpha Legion. You just never knew whether you were playing against Alvin or Iqbal, the whole we are the alpha and the omega thingy.

Anyways, a big congratulations to Warboss Is. We tried our best to stop the green tide but was found wanting. At least it didn' t went as bad as during our first encounter. Perhaps if there's a 3rd time we could get lucky. Perhaps it'll snow in Shah Alam.

Congrats to Lord Azlan aka Sammeal on the Best Sportsman. We had a super fun time dicing words with him during the league and Arenxis campaign. It was a blast. Now that's it over, can you please return the jetbike to us. We do not like to ask twice......

Congrats also to Alvin. First time joining a League ( i think) and already a fanatic. Well done bro. I hope to see your eldar in the next league. Then you can doom me all you want. LOL

My sincerest appreciation to all whom I played against during the League for the painting scoring. I make no qualms that it is nice to be appreciated over something that you worked so hard to produce. This Saim-Hann list is my 2nd after the Altansar that i fielded during League 2. And i must say the only reason i was motivated to get it done was seeing all the other nicely painted army that i went against during League 2. Who can ever forget Jeff's and Azlan's army?? There were many others too that put my Altansar to shame.

So this Best Appearance in essence should go to all you who have participated in Legio's League events. Make no mistake, we have set a new standard in the Malaysian gaming scene.

Well done to all.

Thank you.

Ave Legio !!!


  1. Congrats bro! Looking forward to see your secret project fully painted.

    The whole Alpha-Omega conspiracy turned out not well enough, we only got one award via Alvin's Cell. My Cell only managed to almost win the Sportsmanship award, almost win the Marksmanship award, almost infiltrated all the way to be a League Champion. See, everything is 'almost' here. But at least I'm confident that I'm quite good when you consider my overall performance, however it's just not enough. Need to improve on all these aspects to win at least one award in the next league. Hahaha, very ambitious aren't I?

  2. Thanks bro! Your time will come...and i'm sure it'll be sooner that you think. Would've been super fluff if you got the League Champ kan hehehe.

    Overall, League 3 and Arenxis were definitely among the highlights of Legio 2009!!! We had good fun!!!!

  3. The Dark Father wishes Farseer Khairul a hearty congratulation on winning two awards in one go.
    As he is in deep preparation for the upcoming Kindred....he has only one thing say " Lain kali bawak itu 3 Warwalker dan kasi tembak sama itu Orks!!"

  4. Yes it was my first time joining the league. Looking at how I can't win the league and appearance, I gunned for the Fanatic part. Next season I'll see which army is more prepared, the Orks or the Eldar...

  5. Congrats to the Saim Hann! I think Season 3 was by far the highest to date in terms of overall hobby and gaming standards. Let's push the envelope further! hmmm, what army should I field next season?

  6. o Farseer of the Saim Hann - nice work on the banner on the Legio site ... awesome!

    @vuel - i don't think I can get a Tau army up in 2010. maybe 2011

  7. @spunkybass - thanks. And i agree with you that Season 3 has set the new standard. Lets hope 2010 will be even better!!

  8. @khairul: with everybody else around me having their own secret projects of their own, I really think that next season would go another step further.

    As for me, I'll stick with the armies I currently have. Surprising huh, this coming from a Raven Guard/Alpha Legion/Wood Elves player (note: there's one common trait between those 3 armies, refer the title of my blog).

    Anyway, good luck with your Fantasy project (I'll keep it secret if you want, but I think there're 5 people who knows about it already).