Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Marksman belongs to The Saim-Hann

Legio's Marksman Tournament to pick the last player for League 3 Finals was held last Saturday, 5th Dec. I am proud to announce that The Wild Host of the Saim-Hann came out victorious!

Wow! This is my first ever win for in 40k!! Not bad for an army which was actually built for Inquisition Wars. Those late nites of rushed painting did at least amount to something in the end.

A brief run down on the Marksman event. I really have to buy a digital camera and get a habit of taking pictures of the games i played. So apologies but just words this time.

1st game : Shazli Ultramaries. Seize ground-Dawn of war.
I won this game by controlling 1 objective and contesting the other 2. Managed to kill his most expensive HQ and unit. 17 - 5 to the Saim-Hann.

2nd game : Alvin Alpha Legion CSM. Annihilation-Pitched battle.
THE most awesome game of 40k i've played so far. One because Alvin is such a nice guy to play against and two because the game was truly brutal. From turn 1 units and vehicles were exploding and being destroyed everywhere.

The highlight is my dire avengers unit saving 9 power weapon wounds from his 2 chaos champion. 1st invul save was for my count as Eldrad on a 3+ which i made. Balance 8 wounds on the avengers on a 5+ invul from the exarch shimmershield. 1st roll saw me getting seven 5's or 6's and only 1 unsaved. Coz the unit was fortuned i get to re-roll. I rolled a 5 and shouted out loud!!!!! Had so much fun playing with Alvin. We were both laughing our heads off sometimes.

In the end i got around 8 or 9 killpoints compared to his 6. Managed to kill his most expensive HQ and unit so another 17-5 to the Saim-Hann.

3rd game : Iqbal Alpha Legion CSM ( hey...didn't i just played against the Alpha Legion?) Sieze ground-Spearhead
I knew going into this game i had the lead over Iqbal so decided not too take any unnecessary risks like in the game against Alvin. It was also the most heavily terrain-ed table i've ever played on so movement were very restricted. Having better long range weapons i decided to camp near my objective and shoot his forces from afar. Seer council would go out alone to contest his objective and make a nuisance of themselves.

Since killpoints would be counted in the event of a draw i decided to get early points by targeting
his rhinos and other soft units. In the end i managed to destroy 3 rhinos, 1 oblitz squad and 1 termie squad. He only killed my 5 man dire avenger unit before time ran out.

A tie but i won on killpoints score. 15-5 to the Saim-Hann.

3 games and 3 victories saw me getting the Marksman Award! Very nice! Now i get to go to the finals and meet Iz and his unstoppable orks.....groan...

Thank to so much to Shazli, Alvin and Iqbal for the game. I had great fun.

Thanks also to Jeff for organizing the tourney.

Did i not say that heads would roll??? LOL


  1. Congrats bro!
    Now smoke those orks (if possible), hahaha :D

    So, with our army doing this well, still wanna proceed with your second army?
    Hey, why think?..just do it bro!
    Looking forward to have a shootout with your second army ;)

    p/s: I also wrecked your Wave Serpent ;)

  2. Congratulations! you and I must play more games ...

  3. Congrats dude, and yes, you need a second army!

  4. panzies! wats da world comin' to? Oits! we is waitin' fer yer ugly mugs to show yerself. Come dis 19th, we is gonna stomp you, break you and krush you, 'fore we gets to make grots paste of wats left. Hur, hur, hur.

    p/s: again, congrats.

  5. Thanks guys :)

    1st elite squad of 2nd army is 50% done.

    @Is- we'll try to give you green slimes a good fight this time. Hey, how many purity seals you already have?? Do you really need another one???
    Why don't you spread some love around bro. Heheheh LOL

  6. You know what will be really cool....Dark Eldar and Eldar on one side in the doubles tourney. Will the Farseer and Archon allow this blasphemous alliance?
    Well...I guess we will have to wait till Feb to find out.

  7. ohh..this is for iz..come this friday...daemon prince Han would really love to warm d orkzz up :)..

  8. We must play at least 2,000 points already la Khairul. Then you will get to see more death and destruction on the battlefield... and more fun too... :D

  9. Alvin, i've promised Rizal a 2k game this friday. You're playing Planetstrike with Azlan rite? Perhaps after we have a game if there's time?