Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wolf Game Shop supports Kindred

A super duper thank you to Mr. Wolf, the proud and multi-talented owner of Wolf Game Shop for supporting Kindred.

Wolf's place is where i started playing miniature wargames. That was when they were located at Amcorp Mall and i was introduced to Warmachine. A super guy all-round and someone whom i consider to be a good friend.

His shop is currently located at Sec 14 Petaling Jaya and he carries all sorts of games from miniatures, boardgames and some card games. He is currently having a Christmas sale and is expecting some new shipments to come in next Monday so hurry on down before there's nothing left. If its not on the shelf, Wolf would be more than happy to assist you in ordering the things that you require. And those things that you require for Kindred....get in touch with Wolf.

Please be sure to tell him i sent you his way ;) ......will it get you further discounts??? I don't know. Maybe. No harm in asking rite.

A copy of Kindred Rulespack is also now available at Wolf Game Shop for your browsing pleasure.

Please visit his site for further info at

Thanks a million Wolf!!!


  1. I like the coverage for Kindred. This is how we should spread word around for wargaming, doncha think?