Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Secret Armies

Cue James Bond tune. The name's Bond.....
I think i may have started a trend here when i built my Saim-Hann list in secrecy. Even my brother didn't see the army until it was all completed. Well, i did leak out the fact that i was starting a new eldar army but not the actual craftworld. Now why did i do that? I'm not really sure but perhaps i just wanted to surprise everyone with my new paint scheme. And surprise them i did!!! The red and black striped Saim-Hann colors came out quite nice.

Unfortunately, the grand unveiling worked so well that there's now a couple of armies being developed in total secrecy. I know of at least 3 which i've been sworn not to tell on pain of being doomed. Good luck to you guys. I hope you experience the same level of personal satisfaction as when i first laid out my fully completed 1750 Saim-Hann at hobby night.

The bad thing about building in secrecy is that you have practically robbed yourself of materials to write about. Which leaves you having to think of unrelated things to rant about. This post is prime example. So expect to read about things besides the my 2nd 40K army in the coming months.

So who among you has a secret project on your tables???


  1. Normal la, wanna take the enemy by surprise what. Last time Nahri asked me what army I brought, I just said "Secrecy and Lies!" then the fun begin...

    So those that came to my room will get a sneak peek at what project I'm working on next. 5 armies at once...

  2. Although i'm suppose to be the one with 'secrets and lies', turns out i'm the most honest one among all of you..hahaha..

    Let's see how long you guys can keep these secrets to yourselves..sooner or later you'll spill the beans..hahaha..

  3. erm...typical panzies, 'an dem mind tricks...anyways, wots wiv dis secret armies lists?

    coz its fun to pull a new army on sumone, and we orks are all for a gud laugh. however, dem tricks only works once, and then dey is like stale beer wiv squigs dropping dropped on a snots paste.

    all da hush hush over an army is all tricksies if ya asks me. like da warboss always says,"...it ain't gonna change da outcome izzit?"

    p/s: soon ya fellas gonna have to test dem list anyways 'an da secrets will be out. if ya wanna keep it a secret, playtest also in secret.

  4. If I were working on something secret, I wouldn't tell you lol...

  5. so...this is how farseers 'read' the future, is it? ask carefully masked questions in a veil of innocence, only to pull an 'I saw that coming...' when the secret finally comes out. heheh.

    I've got a build I'm planning on. But I'm an orky big mek, so'z I likes ta kustom build da most!

  6. Smart observation bro :) Most times we don't even need to use our physic abilities to get things done. Esp when dealing with low leadership creatures...heheh LOL.

    'Can you get me an orange sherbert?'

    Why thank you. That's kind of you.
    Now run along pl.

  7. agree with Jeff and Iz all the way..

  8. I am guessing that most of the secret armies are going to be Space Wolfs....that will be god damn funny. Imagine 5 guys turning up with SWs and having a puzzled look on their faces.
    As for me, this year I am going to focus on my Orks, I have bought some ork terrains from PI and am in the midst of painting them.
    I was thinking of starting a new army but I will just wait....because I never got to play my Orks upto satisfactory level. Never got that WAAAAARG! as good as Iz yet.
    At the moment my battlewagon is just collecting dust in the Mek's workshop and all the Boyz are bored, bullying those snortlings around.
    For your info, I cannot participate in Kindred or Iron Painter, CONFIRMED! That sucks.

  9. @doc: too bad doc. we're gonna miss u. build up yer Waaaarrggh! to a respectable level dis year and join forces wiv Arzmi's mob and krump any heads dat comes yer way :) alas. my Mad Mobz will be takin' R&R on da planet Orgamadon dis year (subject of course to da SCARS project being completed)

  10. Ouch doc...what happend? U took on a new voyage?

  11. There is another ship which has been laid up for awhile and they decided to start it up for Penang market.
    Therefore I need to go, get the clinic up and running for the cruise. I will sign-off soon and will be transferred there, but I have requested for a two week break before signing-on there. Hopefully they will agree. When they do, I will have two hobby nights before signing-on on the new ship.
    I need the cash for more goodies anyway.
    Check put my new post at www.docsdarklance.blogspot.com

  12. are you going to be permanent in Penang?

  13. Nope...just start up only. If this go on, as planned, I will be free for SPORE tourney in June.
    BTW any GW stuff in Penang? I know CM there closed shop but is there any other place?


  14. @doc: there's a new place in penang run by the crowd who plays there. they're Jo Soon's buddies. You might want to ask Jo about them.