Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brother Brutus - Death Company dreadnought

This is my very first dreadnought build and i must say i love the model. I will definitely make room for more in my list. All the parts fitted very well. I can't remember any fittings issue that i ran into. I'll check again for 2nd dread.

This model isn't completed yet as i still have to weather it. Just felt tired and wanted to rest for a while and recover my hobby juices. Serves me right for trying to go up against that hobby maniac whose building that sweet kreig army...
In the meantime would like to share with you my progress.

Appreciate any comments as always :)


  1. That red 'X' mark on the right shoulder in fact has two shades of red. Kudos to your photo taking abilities too.

  2. naaaaaiiiiiisss!!! your painting has seriously improved. really loving it!

  3. Thanks guys :) You're awesome buds :)

    @Doc- the photo improvement is courtesy of the mighty forgemaster. He set my camera straight with a couple of hammer blows here n there.

    Unfortunately, am running out of steam to paint at the moment hahahah. Hence the lack of updates.

  4. very nice work! crisp and awesome. Looking forward to seeing the end product

  5. good job bro!! it looks ready enough to tear up heretics, xenos etc etc..