Saturday, August 13, 2011

Storm update 2

The stormraven is almost done. Just need to apply some exhaust smoke weathering then a final coating of flat coat to seal it all in.

One heartbreaking lesson i discovered while washing the kit was that gw washes will leave a white crust effect even after thinning it down considerably. Have u guys experienced the same? The actual reason i had to stop working on the raven few days ago.
I'll go back to inks next time.

Am quite happy on how the lights turned out :) Didn't know i had it in me. That's the thing when u have an active community blogging. It inspires u to try new things. Unfortunately, my efforts to get a similar effect for the star and port navigation lights didn't do to well so just had them in plain colors.

Should get this done by tonite and will update u later.

Have a nice and productive weekend guys.


  1. Looking great dude- thanks for bringing it in last night :)

  2. white crust effect?
    never had any of that except on matte varnish..

  3. The lights look exceptionally good. Now, I have to polish my darklances especially for you.

  4. Thanks guys. In all seriousness, it wasn't smooth sailing for me when it came to washing n weathering this kit. I definitely want another in my list and hopefully it'll come out nicer.

    Thanks for tuning in :)