Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Angels sanguine chaplain

Had to take a break from working on my stormraven. One because i wanted all the parts i'd applied washes to fully dry and second i was getting a bit bored/tired painting it up.

So i decided to paint up my chaplain. Of course he had to have a jump pack being from the original all infantry descent of angels list. He will also be featuring in the upcoming ghemehaal campaign. Haven't named him yet....maybe i'll use him as lemartes seeing as how i'd already converted the new lemartes model as one of my librarian.

Yeah, i know i copped out from painting his huge scroll but i figured that he needed more red to give him an angels sanguine flavor. I'm ok with the outcome since my target really is tabletop standard :)

The Wildhost thanks the Lord Inquisitor Arzmi for bestowing this model foc. You will be rewarded with first pick during the opening hours of ghemehaal. You can have your choice of demon subhan, thousand azlan or your heretic ex-colleague inquisitor iqbal.

Cheers guys :) Keep on hobbying and get those forces ready y'all!!


  1. nicely done chaplain,,n awesowe stormraven you have there!cant wait to c it live,,err,,you can have your choice eh?,,hahaha,,ghemehaal shall be ours bro,,Death to the false emperor!

  2. great job! your 40k painting is really improving by leaps and bounds

  3. Ditto on the great paint job. Your abilities continue to get better and better... elite dude! :)

  4. Awesome paint job bro! Suay mak2 krap!!

  5. are you really sure that you've painted this?..it does appear to be one of the models that would belong to either Soo Jin, Oliver or Jeff..don't tell me you stole it from one of them?

    hahaha, just kidding bro..awesome!

  6. Thanks as always guys :)

    Its u guys that make hobbying much for fun!!

    Ave legio!!

  7. oh dang! that is nice! :D
    why don't you split his giant scroll to red/white to keep your angels sanguine feel? Just a thought hahaha.

  8. Thanks Dann :)

    And for the suggestion too. I had earlier wanted to paint it half black but thought it wouldnt pop out so just left it red. White could work.... hmmm ;)