Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sentikan - Chapter master of the Angels Sanguine completed

This is my rendition of Sentikan. Nothing to shout about I know. I'm not very good with conversions, actually everyone knows i'm a lazy basket and would much prefer to use readily available models.

I'll be using dante's stats for him. Am not much of a fluff guy either so I won't be inventing or giving special new stats and rules for him like Eternal warrior, There can be only one(if sentikan is killed; roll d6. On 2+ he comes back with 1 wound), Fleet, Counter attack,master-crafted digital-weapon,WS8, BS8, W8, A8 etc etc.

Dante stats but not the model. Used parts from sang guard kit (thanks to my eternal bro Ivan whose down under. When will u come back. We miss u lots) and death company kit.

Funny how the pose turned out similar to dante's. This was definitely not on purpose but does help when i inform friends that he plays as dante.

This was the pose i wanted to copy. Aaah well, all's good in the end.

The good news is that i now only have 12 more models to complete my 2K list for the ghemehaal list!! WooooHoooooo!!!!

Will definitely complete it before Oct 7th with time to spare to test the list :)

Next up : death company dreadnought.

Btw.....what do u guys think of creating new stats for a special character? Would u play against someone who brought one? And how do you ensure the stats aren't broken??

Food for thought huh.....


  1. Looking great man, love converting special characters :)

  2. That's a sweet model, dude! The gold trim and axe airbrushing are AWESOME! Nicely done!

  3. Oh and yes, I would be happy to play against DIY stuff :)

  4. Thanks guys :)

    @deathkorps- airbrushing??? Those were all handpainted....not!! Hehehe.
    Its a sin how easy it is to get that done using an airbrush huh ;)

  5. Awesome looking model dude! Love the axe especially.