Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stormraven Invigilus WH01 completed

Finally completed my stormraven. I'll be honest, it wasn't smooth sailing. I ran into a gut-wrenching, hair-pulling, almost testing the aerodynamics of the bulky raven by throwing it out of my window trouble....

I've learned the hard way that even a thinned down citadel badab black wash will leave a white frosting effect when it dries. Crap!!! That's the last time i use that stuff as an overall wash again. Back to using normal inks for me in the future.

The main downside of the frosting is it didn't let the final airbrush of flat to cover the areas around the decals which i had brushed on future to let the decals adhere better. So if u look closely, you'll see a very evident color difference.

Luckily i was able to remain calm and knew for a fact that a turbo boosting plastic stormraven kit out the window would not have made my day better....

Close up of the multi-melta and sensor lights which i'm quite fond of. It did turn out nicely methinks :)

Close up of the front port lights. Am very happy that i've finally learned how to do this effect. Not perfect but it's a personal achievement for me :)
These are my special addition to my stormraven :)
AAABM Mars pattern MkIV missiles. Advanced Anti Anything Bloodstrike Missiles. When i first saw the kit i knew i had to use these babies and make the raven look more menacing. After looking through 6 big boxes of airplane kits i finally managed to find them. Would do u think?

My photo studio isn't big enough to get this view on full white background but nice silhouette i think. 4 badass AAABMs ready to wreck havoc on the enemies of mankind.

My humble photo studio/painting table/reading table/blog updating station.

Thanks everyone for following my progress. Good hobbying to all of you.



  1. I LOL when I saw the definition of AAABM...haha. And about the badab black wash, you mean it makes the red portion frost? Cant really see from the photo, I guess it's not that obvious, no worry.

    Overall the whole stormraven looks awesome!

  2. Agreed, the stormraven looks cool. Those sensors came out perfectly if you ask me, I struggle with those too. Good job :)

  3. Thanks for the nice comments guys :)

    @me- it was frosting on both colors unfortunately. Had to do a lengthy repair tap water wash to get most of it out. Wasn't fun :(

    Glad u enjoyed the AAABM hehe

  4. Thanks again guys :)

    @Doc- my style is very very simple. But would love to share if u're interested. Just send me a private mail so we can chat more.

  5. nicee,! perghhh,,missle strength 10 unlimited range,,haha,,

    btw bro,,cud u give me the ghemehaal banner,,?nak letak jugak! haha