Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stormraven update

Managed to get some good progress done over the weekend on the stormraven. It's been a long time since i painted up something this big. So masking the whole model actually took some time. The question now is whether to go for tabletop quality or really go crazy on details...

The angels sanguine color scheme looks quite nice on such a big model. Am quite happy with my airbrushing although there were minor over sprays which had to be painted over. Overall, i'm very happy with the scheme.

And i'm also happy i took Azlan's advise and made the glass canopies smaller. I like how it looks and does make the raven appear bigger in proportion. Time to get serius and get this baby all painted up :)


  1. good idea, nice always :)

  2. That's lookin' PIMP dude! I need to get off my ass and back in the swing of things lol...

  3. that is really nice! Can't wait to assemble all the BA Stormravens in one mad skyborne rush!

  4. Awesome bro!! Very clean painting and i like that small canopies idea.

  5. Such a shame that White Scars don't have a Storm Raven.
    Go for the fine details bro, I always love your work. Everyone gets motivated when they look at your work.

  6. Thanks so much guys :)

    Truly appreciate all your comments.

    @Dann- how many BA ravens do we have so far??
    Maybe we can arrange an apoc based on the BA :)

    @khun faizal- azlan deserves the credit for the canopy idea. You know i'm lazy to paint the pilot hence my silver tinted trend from saim-hann skimmers. This just makes it easier 5555.

    @doc- next sm codex am sure all chapters will have access to ravens. In the meantime just play yr white scars as ....eer...emmm....white bloods??? 30th founding of BA...hehhehe