Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chapter master Sentikan & stormraven progress

Spent most of the week assembling the gunship and thinking of ideas for the chapter master.

Chapter master first. I finally decided to use the head with the laurel. Again i used vallejo paints and i love the hue and easiness with which to thin and airbrush with. Am thinking of painting the his helmet and jump pack in gold to make him stand out among my other sanguine jp models.

I'm happy with the pose and think that it'll make a fine chapter master model once done.

The gunship was straight forward assembly. But i made a little modification to the pilot and gunner canopy as suggested by fellow Legio Malaysia officer Azlan. Basically to cover some portion of the canopy and put rivets to make it look smaller hence giving it a more realistic size comparison.

For the love of me i couldn't find any leftover styrene sheets so i used some thick plastic book covers :P Too lazy to go out and get some...

I used superglue hence the forsting but that'll be hidden once primed.

Primed and sprayed red on one side.

Close up of the canopy modification. Let's hope it looks nice once the masking is taken off. Thanks Lan for the idea. I think you struck gold there. At least with me :)

Final coat of red tomorrow then mask and spray the black area. Target to complete....this sunday.

Unfortunately, i have such a truly awesome and wonderful distraction tomorrow nite.

Nite gents and have a good weekend. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Whoa, you've finally succumbed to the Stormraven temptation..hahaha :D
    Nice work so far!

  2. Yeah that looks sweet! Love the canopy mod

  3. looking forward to see this live!