Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spicing up the Lizardmen

I must admit that the paintjob on my lizardmen army was rushed. I just grew tired of the project and wanted it to be tabletop worthy for a game with Faizal.

As u can see from the proof below.

The lack of effort is so obvious. We definitely can't have these models represent the Wildhost for the upcoming event. Good excuse to do some much needed touch up plus at 500 points there won't be too many models that i need to work on.

So for the next few days i'll do some re-work to raise the standard of the Lizardmen patrol. Gameforge has even mentioned a best painted patrol :) Who knows....

I present to you the touched up salamander hunting pack.

Not masterpieces but acceptable i think :)

At 75 points for a fire spouting breath template damage small dragon, i wish i had the points to take 2 of these. Unfortunately not. 

Next up will be the skink priest.


  1. nice detailing work on highlights and basing you got there.

    you don't have enough points? it's only 75 points, can't you take some off the Saurus?

  2. I do have one in my 500 points list. What i meant was, i wish i could take two :)

    I'll post my list up soon. Maybe we can have a game this saturday?

  3. Very nice dude- love the blossom colors on the bases especially. Well done

  4. Thanks man :)
    They're supposed to be mushrooms. Wanted something on the bases to pop out. Tried with the purple too but it was too distracting.
    Hows yr beastmen coming along?

  5. Didn't get much done this weekend, but should have a post of my first Minotaur tonight

  6. Nice!! Really looking forward to seeing them :-)
    I take it yr model count would be quite low at
    500 pts huh..

  7. Your models look very nice. Bases too. Even the before photos of the 'rushed' models alreay look ok to me. Me nooby mah. But having the after pic really shows the improvements.

  8. @khairul: Dude, seriously, thanks for asking me along for the trip. I owe you one.