Monday, January 16, 2012

Skink priest

Completed touching up the skink priest :)

Before touch up.

It doesn't look like i did a lot but the effort was considerable. Should've take more before pics.
Tomorrow i'll work on the scar-vet then finally the 15 saurus. 


  1. Nice progress....hope to see you in Penang soon.
    Hopefully you'll show some mercy to my Ogres.

  2. Painting of skull looks ultra realistic!!! How did you do it khairul-san?

  3. Thanks guys:)

    Doc - it should be me who needs to ask u not to eat too many of my cicaks hehe. Trust me..they dont taste good...

    4EM - dude..i dont really remember how i did those. Bleached bone washed with devlin mud if i had to guess. Sorry man :)