Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lizardmen command squad done. And a sweet distraction :)

Took more time on these guys than i was supposed too but they are  the command squad and will be upfront together with the scar vet. So hopefully the extra effort will be worth it when judging for painting is done :)

I didn't get a before pic of the champion so i'll just show it after touch up. 

I do however have before pics of the standard bearer and musician. I can't believe i was satisfied with how they looked when i finished them way back in 2010. Like i said previously, the interest to paint them plummeted and i just wanted them done. More like half done...

Now all i have left to paint for this border patrol force are 16 saureses. 

Unfortunately for me....... this little nugget crawled out of the woodwork hehe.
This will be the Company HQ for my Panzerspahkompanie 1500 points list in preparation for the Bagration campaign in May. Let's see next post whether i continue completing the touch up of the lizardmen or make a slight detour and indulge myself :)

Happy holidays everyone and be safe at all times.


  1. yup, the lizzies are looking way way much better now :)

  2. Happy holidays to you too. That "totem-pole" looks crazy awesome =)