Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hobby room clean up

I did a clean up of my hobby room and added a few new features(actually just 2) as a reward for myself for completing the angels sanguine and US paratroopers army last year :)

Feature number one is the the Ikea tabletop extension. It cost me $149 and is totally worth it!! It has a magnetic whiteboard, shelves for hobby stuff and space for books on top. Which i think is the coolest feature. Now i can proudly display my collection of space marine battles novels.

Second new feature is the Ikea table cabinet which cost me a whooping $280. But again i'm happy with this investment. For one, my vallejo game color set fits snugly into the drawers. And number two, i can now have a space to put all my paints, washes, pigments and most other chemicals in one place. I forgot to take a picture before clean up but it was not much difference from this pic which was taken in early 2010.

So new look room and a new year with so many deliciously tantalizing projects to look forward too :)
One of which i've already started and is on my table in the first picture above hehe.

Here's wishing all your projects for this new year gets completed on scheduled.


  1. Cooool! I hope one day I could have a dedicated hobby room too. Now, I just wish that I could clean up the messy room..LOL, Nurgle would be very proud if he see the current state of my room.

  2. Your hobby area looks sweet dude- good choices on those additions

  3. Killer room bro ... killer room! It's so freaking awesome. All that's missing is a space marine helmet.

  4. Thanks guys. I was quite lucky that when i bought the house, the balcony had already been renovated into a room. So naturally it just had to be my hobby room hehe.
    I'm very happy with it. Gives me good vibe when hobbying and chiilaxing with my kids.
    But if u want to see a super awesome hobby room...ask Jeff for a guided tour of his hobby room. Mine's a dump compared to his...

  5. 4em - space marine helmet......hmmm good idea. Maybe not a helmet but somethg easily recognizable in the 40k lore.
    Thanks for the idea man :)!!!
    I'll start work on it tonite. Thanks for the inspiration!!!
    Will dedicate it to you ;)

  6. ....
    dude, you are not really going to scratch build a life size SM helmet, aren't you?

    (or servo skull?)

  7. By the way Khairul, what is the effective wattage of your lamp light bulb that you use when painting and taking photos. I just bought a RM45 IKEA lamp ... at last, yea ... and was wondering how high do I need to go. I currently have a 15W energy saving bulb with an effective wattage of 75W.

  8. Me - no, i wont be scratch building a sm helmet:P
    I actually had one when i was serving with the 1st Co Angels Sanguine....this was before i was married and had kids. Had to return it and my being relic and artificer u know.

    4EM - i'm using philips 11W cool daylight bulb. The shape of the bulp is unconventional. Its like 4 glass tubes attached to the socket.
    I'm happy with it :)

  9. @Khairul : and the apothecary actually let you keep the gene seed?

  10. Now you know where i got my good looks from huh :)

  11. @Khairul : Naw, I was just wondering, either you shrink, or Blood Angel actually made mini size power armor =____,= Now I confirmed it's formal. Heh heh heh.

  12. We had to do some very extensive reverse psycho gene...u wouldnt understand.

    Basically the apothecaries returned me back to normal human size so i could assimilate better into normal human culture.

    Dude...are u dissing me on my own blog??? U besterd hehe

  13. haihh,,i need to get back to hobby,,huhu,,nice bro,,boleh tumpang nih,,hahaha

  14. Hey Subhan Anuar!!! Yes, u need to get back man!
    We're on a FoW season at the moment. Come drop by and see how the game system works. Its really interesting and a nice change :)